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Why People Are Experiencing Hair Loss After Covid-19

Whether you had the virus or not, COVID-19 has affected all of our lives in some way. Illnesses such as this one can often lead to hair shedding thanks (but no thanks) to a number of different reasons. According to various news sources, 25% to 65% of COVID-19 survivors are...

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Is There a Connection Between Alcohol Consumption and Hair Loss?

Did you know that on average, American alcohol consumption doubles over the holiday season? Think about it - mulled wine, spiked cider, and Baileys in your coffee, it’s easy to drink more than you normally would. This increase in alcohol consumption is mostly due to social drinking, and since we’re...

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What Causes Hair Loss?

National Hair Loss Awareness Month August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, which means now is the perfect time to take a deep dive into the causes of hair loss and how to treat it. Hair loss is a common issue that is often hush-hush. The Hair Society states that approximately 56...

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Hair Loss Treatments: Your Guide to Hair Loss Treatment Types

Hair Loss Treatments: Your Guide to Hair Loss Treatment Types In honor of Hair Loss Awareness Month, we have talked about the different types of hair loss and if hair loss can be reversed. Now we’re going to tackle the different kinds of hair loss treatments. If you are experiencing...

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Can Hair Loss Be Reversed?

Can Hair Loss Be Reversed? It’s time to tackle the most asked question about hair loss… Can it be reversed? The short answer is yes, to an extent. While most hair loss can be greatly improved with treatment, there is a point of no return when hair loss becomes too...

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