3 Ways to Recycle Packaging

Happy Earth Day! Sustainability is crucial for the future of our plant, and that’s why it’s important to us. We take pride in the fact that we use ethical sourcing for our ingredients and try to have our packaging to be as recyclable as possible (more to come on that this Summer…) But improving our environment is more than just recycling. It’s thinking of innovative ways to cut down on waste and thinking outside of the box on ways that we can upcycle all that we can! 

So, we wanted to show you a few ways to minimize waste by repurposing our packaging! Here are three unconventional ways to use our packaging before throwing it away.

Plant Mister

After using all of your Leave-in Conditioner, the spray bottle makes a great plant mister for succulents! Also, we love the idea of using it as a mister for yourself on hot days at the beach or pool.

Essential Oil Dispenser 

We recommend using your Thickening Hair Serum bottle for essential oils. The dropper is perfect for precision!

Knick Knack Container

Decorate your empty Crue Grit container and use it as a travel case for bobby pins, jewelry, or other little knick knacks!

If you are unable to reuse your packaging, we recommend recycling your plastics and any boxes that our products may come in. Every small action we take to better our environment can help, so never think what you’re doing isn’t enough. It is!

Hopefully you found this inspiring and helpful! Tag us with what you come up with and let us know if you have any other ideas for repurposing packaging!

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