5 Minute Shower Songs

In order to see results from our shampoo treatments, it is important that you use them properly. It’s vital that you lather and leave our treatments on the scalp for 5 full minutes. This allows our nutraceutical ingredients to penetrate the scalp and work their magic on your hair.


Piece of cake, right? Well, for some it’s not that easy. If you have actually timed yourself using our shower timer, then you know 5 minutes in the shower is actually a lot longer than you think. It’s similar to 5 minutes at the DMV. It goes by sloooooow. 


To help you beat boring shower vibes, we curated a Spotify playlist of our favorite  5-minute (ish) songs for you to listen to while waiting for your shampoo to work miracles! Plus, it doubles as a timer to make sure you’re getting maximum results out of our products.


Be sure to save and share with your Zenagen using friends! Plus, follow us on Spotify, because we will be adding new playlists all the time!


So, give your vocal cords a rest because your next shower is about to be a performance.

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