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Are All Sulfates Bad?

A sulfate is a chemical used as a cleaning agent in most soaps, shampoos, and even household cleaning products. Don’t let the word chemical scare you, because not all sulfates are bad. There is a negative stigma around the word sulfate for lots of reasons. The “sulfate-free” marketing trends of...

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The Benefits of Evolve and Who Should Use it

If you have been searching on Pinterest "Tips on how to grow your hair longer" look no further, we have just the thing (and its only 2 steps)! You can stop the egg masks and other at home remedies, because our method really works and is backed by science! What...

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Which Size Shampoo Provides the Best Bang for Your Buck

Did you know that saving money is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions? There are many ways to do this; watch your spending, create a budget, and find products that give you the best bang for your buck. Which is exactly what we are going to discuss in...

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Easy New Year's Eve Hairstyle

I think we can all agree that a stylish hairstyle can be the finishing touch on a New Year's Eve outfit. It's what makes your look complete! That's why in today's blog post we are going to teach you how to achieve this effortless, but gorgeous, hairstyle. Don't worry though,...

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Tips For Taking Care of Your Hair During Winter

It can be easy to neglect your hair and scalp during the winter months. We get it… holiday parties and family get-togethers take up alot of time. Or, maybe you find yourself saying yes to just one more Christmas movie before bed (spoiler alert: bad idea), only to wake up...

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