Spotted! Who's Using Zenagen?

We love seeing everyone's progress photos on social media! Being a part of your hair regrowth journey is truly amazing.

Here are a few of our influencers spotted using Zenagen products.


Actress and model Allee-Sutton Hethcoat (@alleesutton) uses Crue Grit Flexture Paste to hold down fly-aways and for her slicked-back buns! Allee-Sutton is a longtime partner of ours. Head over to our YouTube Channel to watch her full hair care routine!


Taylor, aka @unlikelymama, is a beauty and lifestyle influencer who focuses on hair loss. She uses Zenagen products to help with the effects from hypothyroidism. Head over to her Instagram to learn more!


Lexus Gordon (@lexushgordon) started using Revolve after her pregnancy. She noticed a huge difference in her overall hair health and growth. This before and after is just under a year!


Dermatology nurse practitioner, Catie Boucher (@savvyderm) uses Revolve, and has been for several years!


Jackie (@momma.on.duty) started using Zenagen products after experiencing postpartum hair loss. Head over to her Instagram to learn more!


Singer/ songwriter Livy Jeanne (@livyjeanne) has been using Revolve for about 3 years to grow her hair out. She says it's something she lives by!

We love all of our fabulous influencers! These are just a few of our favorites, but it is so fun seeing who is using Zenagen products.

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