Our Story

Zenagen creator and founder, Jared Reynolds first began searching for hair loss solutions as a medical student, when he noticed his hair thinning and shedding. Through his medical studies, Jared learned that high-quality nutraceutical ingredients and an advanced delivery system were key to creating a truly effective, natural and easy-to-use hair care product


Our mission is simple

To utilize the healing powers of plant-based ingredients to create hair care products that are simple, natural, and inclusive for all hair types!

an award-winning Brand

Zenagen is an award-winning professional hair care brand that is sold in some of the most prestigious salons across the country. Our formulas are the result of years of nutraceutical research and product development and feature plant-based, natural ingredients.

We strive to have products that are inclusive of all hair types and textures that tackle hair issues that anyone could be experiencing.

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