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Is Conditioner Bad for Your Hair?

PSA: you might be using your Zenagen thickening conditioner wrong! You may have always been told to only apply conditioner to the ends of the hair to avoid leaving a greasy film at the crown of the head. However, Zenagen’s conditioner is actually responsible for 20% of the results, so it is important to apply it to the scalp! Read on to learn all about what conditioner actually does for your hair. 

Is Conditioner Bad for Your Hair?


There is a common misconception that conditioner is bad for your hair. (Spoiler alert: this is a myth!) It’s true that certain conditioners can cause your hair to be more oily than normal and will add extra weight to the hair, but this often depends on the conditioner you are using. Luckily, Zenagen conditioners are formulated to be light on the hair, while hydrating the skin. They are made with fine and thinning hair in mind, so we have specialized conditioners that are made to keep your hair full of body and volume.


If you are struggling with oily hair, take our hair quiz to find a conditioner that works for you. 


How to use Conditioner Correctly


Zenagen conditioners can be applied directly to the scalp. In fact, it’s encouraged! Rinse out your shampoo after allowing it to sit for 5 full minutes. Then, follow with the conditioner by applying it from the root to the ends. This allows the conditioner to assist with soothing any existing irritation or inflammation on the scalp, encouraging faster hair growth, and repairing dry, damaged hair.


Although the recommended time to leave the conditioner on the hair is at least 30 seconds (and rinse with cold water), you can leave it on for up to 5 minutes if you’re looking for extra hydration. Remember to rinse thoroughly to avoid any excess build-up, which is what can cause heavy hair. A good rule of thumb is to split your hair into two sections so that you can focus on rinsing smaller sections of your hair at a time.


Why is Conditioner Important?


Conditioners are supposed to add shine to your hair, not weigh it down. Luckily, our products are lightweight and can still maintain hydration. Moisturization is super important in hair health and growth. Since aloe is the main ingredient in our conditioners, they contain essential amino acids that nourish the hair and help it retain moisture. 


Conditioner also smooths your cuticle layer, leaving a protective layer on top. This protects your hair from the environment, heat, and other damaging factors. Not to mention, it is meant to strengthen your hair to combat external forces between washes.


As mentioned before, Zenagen conditioners are responsible for 20% of the results! Both Evolve and Revolve conditioners reduce scalp inflammation, add moisture to the hair, and provide UV protection.



Although there are misconceptions about conditioners, you can confidently leave here today understanding the importance. Zenagen conditioner not only moisturizes and protects the hair but is responsible for 20% of results. Although you only apply most conditioners to the ends of your hair, Zenagen conditioners should be applied from scalp to ends. 


Check out our blog to learn more about Zenagen's plant-based hair-thickening shampoo.


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