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What to Pack for Your Spring Break Trip: Hair Edition

It’s spring break season! A beach vacation is good for the soul, but not so much for the hair. A combination of the heat, sun, salt water and other factors can be damaging to your locks, but we’ve got your back. Here are our hair care tips for your spring break beach vacation! 


Plan Ahead


You know in advance that this trip could be dehydrating for your hair, so plan ahead! Pack all of the hair care products that you know you're going to need. Luckily for you, we offer TSA approved travel-size shampoos and conditioners, so you won’t have to leave your Zenagen treatments at home! 


Pack the essentials, but also pack a few extras to give your hair the TLC it needs. Which brings us to tip number 2…


Pack the Leave-in Conditioner


The Strengthening Leave-in Conditioner is going to be your best friend this trip. Starting with your flight; high altitudes cause hair to lose its moisture. Air circulation in the airplane has the same effect. Because of this, it is so important to give your hair some extra hydration! Use the Leave-in Conditioner before and after your flight.


Pack the Essentials in Your Travel Bag


Salt water is super dehydrating, so packing your travel sized hair care essentials in your beach bag is an easy solution. Rinse your hair before and after swimming in the ocean. Dry hair absorbs salt water easier than wet hair, which can be super dehydrating. This is why getting your hair wet with fresh water first is beneficial. 


You should also utilize the public showers on the beach and rinse your hair after swimming to rid all of the salt water, since salt is so dehydrating. This is where your travel size conditioner comes in handy. Skip the shampoo and condition your hair to add some of the lost moisture back into your hair. Zenagen conditioners include aloe leaf juice, which is very hydrating. 


If you are unable to get to the public showers, then throw a Strengthening Leave-in Conditioner and the Zen Brush in your bag to use throughout the day. 


Use a Quality Brush


We dove in deep about how important a quality brush is a few blog posts ago. If you missed it, you could read it here. When you have already sun damaged hair, a gentle quality brush is important not to cause more damage and breakage. 


Use SPF (Yes, Even on Your Hair and Scalp)


Using an SPF is one of the most important spring break necessities. We all know to apply SPF to your skin, but DO NOT neglect your hair and scalp. We recommend this SPF 30 from Actiiv that is made specifically for your hair and scalp. We especially love this one because it will not leave your hair feeling greasy!


Embrace the Beach Waves


Lastly, embrace your beach hair! Your hair is already taking a hit from the humidity, salt water, and other elements that you should avoid adding heat to your hair. As always, if you do, we recommend you apply the Strengthening Leave-in Conditioner beforehand. Instead, apply a bit of the Densifying Leave-in Cream and you are out the door!



That’s it! Follow these tips this spring break season for ultimate hair health. We even included a hair focused packing list for you below! Have fun and enjoy your trip! :)