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What Are Adaptipure Ingredients?

In the past we have talked about our Thickening Hair Serum and how it is formulated with our signature adaptipure ingredients. But… What exactly are adaptipure ingredients? 


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To understand our adaptipure ingredients, it’s important to understand what adaptogens are. Adaptogens are plants or mushrooms that have beneficial effects that can help your body respond to fatigue, anxiety, stress and overall wellness. Zenagen has been focused on the natural healing power of plants for over a decade, and that’s why our nutraceutical-based technology is so important to the effectiveness of our products. Natural ingredients are not only safer to use, but are more effective if harnessed in the right way. That’s why we utilize adaptogens in our products, but we take ours one step further.


Most brands use a hot press system to grind an entire plant into a fine powder. In order to get the plants into a form that is conducive for formulations, high heat and pressure is applied to the plants. This brings down the power and potency of the plants, making them less effective. Think of it in terms of nutrition. Raw vegetables are usually more healthy and nourishing for the body than cooked veggies, because they are in their purest form. The same goes for ingredients that go into beauty products.


We use a high-quality cold press system called cold fusion, or CO2, to get the power out of our plant-derived ingredients. This process focuses on extracting the highest quality ingredients for potency and effectiveness, allowing for our formulations to be as powerful as possible. Since these ingredients come out so potent, it also allows us to use a smaller amount in our products, which cuts down on waste. We have coined the ingredients that go into our Zen Restorative Complex in the Thickening Hair Serum as Adaptipure ingredients.


The Zen Restorative complex is our signature blend of anti-hair loss technology that is in the top 1% of ingredients in the world. That’s because we take the plant’s region, age and area of the plant into consideration when we are sourcing and extracting the raw ingredients. This creates a much stronger blend of molecules.


Thanks to the adaptipure ingredients, the Thickening Hair Serum is highly comparable and more efficient than other serums. The adaptipure technology works for all hair loss types and encourages a healthy scalp that allows for the appearance of thicker, fuller growing hair. 


To read more about adaptipure ingredients and the Zen Restorative Complex, check out “Understanding the Zen Restorative Complex”.