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Which Zenagen Product is Right for Me?

“If I had perfect hair, what would that look like?” This is the question that should be on your mind when picking out a hair product. You might respond with “I want longer hair” or “I want thicker hair”. After you answer that, find a product that promises that result. So, take a second and ask yourself this question. After you have your answer, continue reading and together we will figure out the right product for you!

If You Want Healthier, Longer Hair

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If you are looking for healthier and/or longer hair, then the Evolve system is going to be perfect for you. Evolve is recommended to those with heat damaged or over-processed hair, those living in heavily polluted areas, and those living in humid climates that can cause unknown heat damage. This shampoo and conditioner duo is a two-step hair repair and lengthening system. It encourages the growth of stronger, longer, and healthier hair. 


Evolve works in many ways to improve hair growth and health. Its natural amino acid protein compounds repair and strengthen the cuticle, improving hair's ability to retain moisture. This makes it healthier, stronger, and shinier. The natural ingredients also stimulate stem cell efficiency allowing up to 40% faster growing hair. Lastly, Evolve lengthens the growth stage (anagen) of the hair and shortens the shedding stage (telogen). This allows for more hair follicles in the growth stage and for a longer period of time.

Evolve uses natural and botanically derived ingredients to achieve longer and stronger hair:


  • Alpine Willowherb- harvested from the European mountainside and is the force behind the hair growth acceleration power of Evolve
  • Ginger Root- stimulates and primes the scalp for faster delivery of the powerful nutraceutical ingredients straight to the hair follicle
  • Grape Seed Extract- help soothe and protect the scalp against inflammation, and work with the amino acids to moisturize and protect the hair
  • PCA- allow the hair follicle to maintain vibrant, bold color on both color-treated and natural hair
  • Alanine- maintains vital moisture levels on the hair cuticle
  • Histidine- acts as a shield against unavoidable environmental factors that damage the hair by keeping the hair cuticle sealed.  

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Pair with this...

A good product to pair with Evolve is the Strengthening Leave-in Conditioner. Just like Evolve, this is a plant-based product that repairs and protects the hair against heat and other damage. Through botanically derived ingredients, the Leave-in Conditioner gives your hair shine and extra strength:


  • Sunflower Oil- protects against UV rays, heat styling, color fading, stress and damage from pollutants. It also is an anti-inflammatory and contains anti-dandruff properties
  • Olive Oil- Protects against heat and temperature from styling tools
  • Rice Protein- Naturally soothes and promotes anti-irritation while also increasing the water content in the scalp
  • Turmeric- Increases skin moisture and improves hair growth
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract- Reverses the signs of aging by strengthening the hair and scalp and providing UV protection

If You Want Thicker, Fuller Hair

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If you are looking to treat thinning hair or hair loss, then Revolve will be more your speed. It is a naturally based shampoo and conditioner duo with distinct products for men and women. This system is recommended for anyone with signs of thinning and shedding or visible hair loss; those who have tried other hair loss treatments and had poor results; and those who are genetically susceptible to hair loss and are wanting a preventative product. It is also helpful to those experiencing hair loss of any type including medical related, medication related, genetic related, and even postpartum.


Revolve helps combats DHT, a hormone that is the leading cause of hair loss. This system works to cleanse and protect against future DHT and scalp buildup. Hair loss competitors use harsh alcohols to deposit ingredients into the skin, yet they are still only able to reach the shallowest level (epidermis). Revolve uses green tea to naturally widen the follicle, allowing ingredients to reach the deepest level. 

The Revolve system creates a healthy environment for the appearance of hair growth, all through the use of natural ingredients: 


  • Saw Palmetto- Blocks harmful enzymes 
  • Brahmi- Works with saw palmetto to help block current and future production of harmful enzymes
  • Targets inflammation to promote scalp health and the growth of thicker, fuller hair
  • Aloe Leaf Juice- Controls scalp inflammation by nourishing the hair and help it retain moisture

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Pair with this...

The Scalp Therapy Spray is a good product to pair with the Revolve treatment. This spray is formulated with Zenagen’s hair loss fighting technology and can be used to target specific areas of the scalp that need more attention. It invigorates the scalp and fights inflammation that leads to shedding. It can also be used daily for optimal hair loss prevention, specifically on the non-Zenagen wash days. 



Remember, hair products are not “one size fits all” so it’s important to find a product that is perfect for your hair, and it’s needs. Hopefully this helped, but you can also always ask your hairstylist or head over to our Instagram for more information! 

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