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Interview with Company President: New Product Sneak Peek

To close out Hair Loss Awareness month, we sat down with Zenagen’s President and Product Creator, Jared Reynolds, to talk about all thing's hair loss. We also got the inside scoop on an upcoming product! 


We started by asking Jared what hair loss meant to him. Jared responded with, “For me, hair loss is something that, if you can deal with it early, you can have better results.” He then mentioned that Zenagen is an easy solution to hair loss. 

Jared then went into detail about how the Revolve system works to fight hair loss. For those who don’t know, Zenagen’s Revolve line is a naturally based shampoo and conditioner duo that is designed to combat the appearance of hair loss. Jared says Revolve works differently from other hair loss remedies in the industry by focusing on reducing inflammation at the hair follicle starting point, or the stem cell. 


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Next, we asked Jared how he came up with the name “Zenagen” for the company. Here’s what he said: “The name Zenagen is a combination of two words. The first is zen, which is the moment of enlightenment in Buddhism. The ‘agen’ at the end of the word means the cycle of hair. Basically, it’s the zen cycle of hair.”

To end the interview, Jared gave us the inside scoop on an upcoming product; “We have some new things coming. We have been working on hair loss research for years and I’m very excited to be talking about a serum that has anti-inflammatory benefits, anti-shedding benefits, and it helps those that have stubborn hair loss. It’s going to be really really big!”

Although Hair Loss Awareness month is coming to an end, it’s not any less important. To view the full video, check out our Instagram.