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What Causes Hair Loss?

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, which means now is the perfect time to take a deep dive into the causes of hair loss and how to treat it. Hair loss is a common issue that is often hush-hush. The Hair Society states that approximately 56 million people suffer from hair loss of various kinds. According to the American Hair Loss Association, by the age of 35, two-thirds of American men suffer from hair loss and 85% by the age of 50. Although often mistaken to be a mainly male issue, women make up over half the hair loss population. Hair loss is an issue that will affect most people at some point in their lives, and we want to end the hair loss stigma and open up the discussion surrounding hair loss to help clients along their hair loss journey. 

What are the Different Types of Hair Loss? 

Male and Female Pattern Baldness

The most common form of hair loss is male or female pattern baldness. Pattern baldness is a result of some combination that’s hormonal, genetic, and age. Male pattern baldness normally begins above the temples, at the hairline, and at the top of the head, eventually leading to overall baldness. Female pattern baldness usually begins with gradually thinning hair at the part, leading up to overall hair loss. 

The leading cause of hair loss is a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. When testosterone interacts with a 5 AR enzyme, it converts to DHT. DHT builds up around the follicle and causes the stem cells that feed the hair strand to become inflamed. Inflamed stem cells cause the hair strand to progressively thin with each hair cycle and eventually kill the follicle completely. Once the follicle dies, hair can never be regrown from that follicle, so it is important to target DHT to prevent this from happening. 

Postpartum Shedding

One major hair loss occurrence for women is postpartum. During pregnancy, hormones change and estrogen levels skyrocket. Estrogen prolongs the anagen phase, the first stage of hair growth, which means hair growth and density increase. Estrogen is also a natural blocker for DHT, which is the #1 cause of hair loss for men and women. However, after women give birth, estrogen levels unfortunately drop, and women tend to see tons of shedding. While hormone levels will level out over time, postpartum shedding can cause significant hair loss and will often come as a big surprise to new moms.

Medical Related Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a symptom of various illnesses including thyroid disorder, lupus, and alopecia areata, and a side effect of medicines such as those used in cancer chemotherapy. Oftentimes, hair will grow back if you stop taking the medication at fault. Certain types of medical hair loss can be remedied through the use of natural ingredients, such as those in Zenagen products.

Diagram showing the hair follicle with DHT blockage. Once DHT starts to build up, it becomes more difficult for thicker, fuller hair to grow.

How Does Our Product Work to Combat Hair Loss?

Revolve is a natural-based shampoo and conditioner that cleanses existing DHT, while also guarding against future DHT buildup. 

Zenagen Shampoo Treatment cleanses DHT from the hair follicle by using natural ingredients.

Zenagen Revolve's innovative technology combats DHT by reaching the deepest part of the follicle through the use of clean ingredients. All of Revolve’s product ingredients play their part in our hair loss treatment:

  • Saw palmetto is one of the most powerful and important ingredients. Saw palmetto blocks the enzyme responsible for DTH production.
  • Brahmi is another key ingredient that works with saw palmetto to block current and future DTH production. 
  • Red clover extracts play an important part in targeting inflammation to promote scalp health and hair growth. Zenagen uses a custom red clover extract process that is unique to our formulas. 
  • Aloe leaf juice is another crucial anti-inflammatory ingredient. Aloe contains essential amino acids that nourish the hair while also soothing and protecting the scalp against inflammation. 
  • Green Tea is used to naturally widen the hair follicle channel in only 5 minutes so that our natural ingredients can reach the deepest level of the follicle. 

What Makes Zenagen Different?

Competitors use harsh alcohols and chemicals, such as minoxidil, to enlarge hair follicles and elongate the growth phase to increase hair growth. Although this may seem to work, it is not healthy for your scalp and can cause water and salt to build up in your body, leading to congestive heart failure.

Through the use of the natural ingredients explained above, in only 5 minutes, Zenagen technology creates a healthy scalp environment that promotes thicker, fuller hair. It’s that easy! Clean ingredients won’t harm your body and are an all-natural alternative to a healthy scalp environment. Zenagen’s delivery system also enables ingredients to combat DHT directly by arriving at the deepest level of the hair follicle, where DHT is produced. Competing ingredients are only able to reach the epidermis (the shallowest level).  

Hair loss can be very discouraging and National Hair is meant to shed light on the issue and end the social standard that your hair has to be full to be attractive. Here at Zenagen we want to help educate on hair loss and provide an easy-to-use solution. 

If you or anyone you know is struggling with hair loss, find us on social media to learn more about our products.

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