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The Difference Between Men's and Women's Revolve

A question we get asked a lot is “I am a woman but can I use my husband’s Revolve shampoo?” or vice versa. The short answer is yes, no harm will be done if you use the opposite gender’s shampoo. However, you are best suited using the gender specific line. In today’s blog post we are going to go over why there are separate lines depending on your gender and what exactly makes them different.  

Men’s and women’s pattern baldness is more common than one might think. Check out “National Hair Loss Awareness Month” blog to learn more about the different types of hair loss. Pattern baldness is normally a combination from the results of hormones, genetics, and age. The leading cause of hair pattern baldness is a hormone called DHT. When testosterone interacts with a 5 AR enzyme, it converts to DHT causing hair loss. DHT builds up around the hair follicle, causing inflammation, which in turn causes hair loss. 


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As a woman ages, she loses estrogen and becomes more prone to inflammation. Estrogen helps your hair stay in the anagen phase, which is the growth stage. However, as a woman gets older and her estrogen levels drop, hair begins to grow much slower. Once this starts happening, eventually her hair will start thinning. Female hair thinning isn’t as noticeable as male pattern baldness. It can first be visible at the hair part and overall thinning rather than noticeable bald spots. A decrease in estrogen can also trigger an increase in the production of androgens. Androgens are male hormones that can potentially cause hair loss, such as DHT (pictured below).  

Women’s Revolve consists of higher concentrations of anti-inflammatory ingredients. The main ingredient being increased is red clover, however all anti-inflammatory ingredients are at a higher concentration. Red clover is a natural antioxidant that targets inflammation and is also a natural DHT blocker. Like mentioned above, women going through menopause are not only lacking estrogen levels, but DHT is increased. This is why red clover is a key ingredient for women going through menopause, and why Women’s Recover consists of higher concentrations of this anti-inflammatory ingredient.

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When higher ingredient concentrations were tested on men, the results weren’t as good. The tests specifically showed that balding on the front and back of the head were not as treatable as it was with the lower concentration ingredients. With all of this taken into consideration, we came to the conclusion that women require higher levels of anti-inflammatory ingredients than men. This resulted in the two gender specific lines we have today. 


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Now, to recap; you are able to use the opposite gender’s Revolve line. However, there is a reason these shampoos are gender specific, and we recommend that for best results you stick to the correct line! Women require a higher concentration of anti-inflammatory ingredients to counteract the decrease in estrogen as they age. Hair loss is a serious problem, and you want to be sure to prevent it and take care of it in the best way possible, which is why we recommend using the shampoo created specifically for your gender!


Pro tip: If you are undergoing gender reassignment surgery, we recommend you use the product that aligns with your gender at birth.


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