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10 Easy Hairstyles for 2nd Day Hair

In this blog post we gathered up some easy go-to hair styles for that second, or third, or fourth day hair! Keep reading to learn how to rep second day hair in style.

#1 Hat

Choose your character: bucket hat, ball cap, beanie, wide brim hat, and the list goes on.

This is by far the easiest 2nd day hairstyle. Just grab a cute hat that matches your outfit and it looks like you put in the effort! 

#2 Braid

If you have fine hair, 2nd-day hair most likely means flat. Braids are a great way to add some life and texture back to your hair.  Mermaid braids for black hair, as well as normal braids for other hair colors, are perfect!

Gain even more texture by adding our Boost Texturizing Powder!

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#3 Messy Bun

Next we have the fool proof messy bun. The effortless (but adorable) look we all know and love!

#4 Claw Clip

This 90s inspired hairstyle is definitely trending right now, and for good reason! This hairstyle takes 2 seconds and helps you look so put together.

#5 Sleek Pony

This is your chance to embrace the greasy hair! Utilize Crue Grit to secure your flyaways and achieve the perfect slicked back pony look.

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#6 Hair Scarf

Hair scarfs are another big trend right now, and are perfect for covering up 2nd day hair. Utilize hair scarfs to achieve a cottagecore aesthetic hairstyle!

#7 Half up/ Half down

Another easy look! Add some curls and you'll look so put together. Make sure you use our Leave-in Conditioner to protect your hair from the heat when using hot tools.

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#8 Bubble Braids

This look is a fun twist on the classic braid, and it's so easy to do! Start at the top of your head with a rubber band and secure a new rubber band down the length of your hair at every inch or so.

#9 Thick Headband

The ultimate Blair Waldorf look! Add some dry shampoo to your hair and let your natural hair flow. Add a thick headband for a little pizzazz.

#10 Low Bun

This last look is so easy and so chic! Gather your hair at the base of your head using the Zen Brush and secure in a bun with an elastic. Easy as that!

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Next time you're repping 2nd day hair, there's no need to stress! Hopefully these easy hair styles get you through. Shop the products below to make styling second day hair so much easier!