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Medical Based Hair Loss Treatments: Why They Aren't Working For You

Zenagen’s hair loss shampoos are naturally derived, and plant based. We believe that rather than medical based treatments, nutraceutical ingredients and technologies are the key to hair growth. But why is that? There are so many benefits to using natural based products and we are going to dive into them in today’s blog!

Medical Based Hair Loss Treatments (Minoxidil)


To begin, let’s talk about why medical based treatments aren't always the best option. Maybe it’s because your follicles lack the enzymes required to convert and activate the active ingredient. It is known that medical treatments are not for everyone. It really comes down to trial and error to see what works best for you! 


Medical based treatments can lead to many physical side effects. Although medication can help with hair loss, it compromises scalp and overall hair health. These physical side-effects can include chemical burned reactions from the medicine. It is normal for medical based treatments to contain alcohol, which can be very drying to the scalp and hair. However, Zenagen’s plant-based products will nourish the scalp and hair, not compromising, but encouraging overall scalp and hair health as well as hair growth. 


Another thing to think about is that with medical based treatments, you are not only prone to physical side-effects but psychological side-effects too. It is known that medical based hair loss treatments can cause depression. According to WebMD, medical based treatments “have a biological effect that disrupts the central nervous system in some young patients, which can have psychological effects like depression and suicide”. If you choose to use medical base solutions over plant based, this is a risk you need to be willing to take and it is important to ask a doctor before doing so. 


Plant Based Hair Loss Treatments (Zenagen)


On the contrary, it is believed that mother nature can heal us better and more gently than modern medicine. Herbal medicine has been used for years and years, when modern medicine is fairly new in comparison. They are also more transparent than modern medicine, since you can look up plant-based ingredients in any herbology book. Not to mention that Zenagen’s natural based treatments are more therapeutic and compatible with vegan lifestyles. 


Zenagen treatments are also safe to use on pregnant and/or nursing mothers. Revolve’s plant-based technology gives a piece of mind to parents. Our education director, Chad White,  says “As a stylist, when learning about a new product, I like to think about whether or not I would use it on my children or grandchildren, and with Zenagen I would. That thought alone tells you that the product is safe to use.” 


Zenagen’s products use a patented green tea delivery system to ensure the best possible outcome. Our system penetrates deeper into the dermal layer than any other in the industry! Between our plant based formula, and unique technology, Revolve and Thickening Hair Serum are a more desirable alternative to medical based hair loss treatments. 


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