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Hair Loss Doesn't Have To Be Scary: 8 Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss doesn’t have to be scary! We have all heard horror stories of people’s hair falling out after using a certain shampoo, or growing back thicker after shaving. However, these horror stories are just that. They’re only meant to scare you. In light of the spooky season, we gathered up a list of debunked hair loss myths to put your mind at ease. 


#1 All hair loss is permanent


FALSE! There is a point of no return when it comes to hair loss. However, it is easy to catch hair loss before it's too late. Once a follicle completely dies, and a person has been bald for years, hair cannot be regrown. You can tell when a person is in this stage if their head looks shiny and waxy. This is why it is important to target hair loss in the early years before it gets to this point. 


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#2 Only older people suffer from hair loss


FALSE! Hair loss can affect people of all ages. Men can start seeing signs of balding at as early as 30. Women are luckier, as they often don’t see balding until as early as their 40s. Moral of the story, you are not immune to hair loss just because your are young.

#3 Hair loss is only a problem for men


FALSE! Although hair loss is a male dominant issue, 40% of women are expected to experience hair loss by the time they are 50. 


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#4 Washing your hair too much causes hair loss


FALSE! The amount of times you wash your hair will not affect your loss of hair. With that being said, it is important to use shampoos with healthy ingredients, as there are some ingredients that will unfortunately cause hair loss. Zenagen products are full of clean ingredients that will only promote hair growth. Although we do recommend using the shampoo every other day, there is a reason for that. Revolve blocks DHT for 48 hours, which is why using the shampoo every day isn’t necessary.


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#5 You inherit hair loss from your mother


FALSE! Hair loss can be inherited, but don’t put all the blame on your mother! The truth is that these bad genes are passed down from both sides of the family. 


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#6 Hair loss treatments don’t actually work


FALSE! There are multiple different methods and it’s important to find what works best for you. We recommend using Revolve, a naturally formulated hair loss treatment. Revolve works to promote the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.


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#7 Your hair will grow faster if you cut it


FALSE! Your hair may appear thicker due to the fact that it looks healthier since you are cutting off the dead ends. However, the reality is that cutting your hair only affects the hair shaft, not the follicle where the hair actually grows from. If you experience dead ends and damaged hair, check out Evolve to repair!

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#8 Shaving your hair makes it grow back thicker


FALSE! Shaving your hair creates a blunt tip which makes it seem as though your hair is thicker. However, no need to fret, shaving doesn’t affect the thickness of your hair at all!