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Everything You Need to Know About Revolve and Who Should Use It

Did you know that August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month? This is a special time, especially for our company, when we focus on educating people about hair loss. This includes the different types of hair loss, the signs that you may be experiencing hair loss, and how to target and stop it. It is also a great time to share general tips for taking care of your hair (and scalp) because so often, we forget the little things that can lead to larger issues if not managed daily. This month, you’ll learn everything you need to know about our Revolve line, our favorite hair loss shampoo, and so much more. Let’s dive in. 

Types and Signs of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. There are many different types of hair loss, but some of the most common ones include:


- Androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness): This is the most common type of hair loss and affects men more than women. It is usually caused by a combination of genetics and hormones. The main sign of androgenetic alopecia is gradual thinning on the top or front of the scalp. You may also see more scalp showing through your hair, especially if your hair is curly or wavy.


- Telogen effluvium: This is a type of temporary hair loss that is often caused by a triggering event that usually occurs months later. Examples of this would include stress, hormonal changes, or taking certain medications. Covid is a major player in this category at the moment, with about a quarter of people who contract the virus, experiencing hair loss as a side effect. Telogen effluvium can also include postpartum shedding, post-chemotherapy hair loss, and hair loss associated with thyroid conditions. The main sign of telogen effluvium is thinning hair all over the scalp, with a noticeable difference in the amount of hair in your brush, on your pillow, or in the drain.


- Alopecia areata: This is a type of hair loss that can affect both men and women. It is usually caused by an autoimmune reaction where the body attacks the hair follicles. The main sign of alopecia areata is sudden patchy bald spots on the scalp. The bald spots can be any size or shape, and they may occur anywhere on the head.


Revolve Hair Thickening Treatment

Revolve is an easy-to-use shampoo and conditioner hair loss system. The two-step system uses natural ingredients to help nourish the scalp and targets hair loss at the source to promote healthy hair growth. After gently penetrating the dermal level of the skin using plant-based ingredients, Revolve reaches the deepest part of the hair follicle to cleanse the hair follicles of DHT, the #1 leading cause of hair loss. 


Revolve has formulas for both men and women and is great for all hair types. It is especially recommended for those experiencing hair thinning or loss, those looking for preventative maintenance, and those with thin hair who are looking for more density.


What Ingredients are in Revolve?

Revolve is made up of nutraceutical ingredients that work together to target hair loss. The four main ingredients include saw palmetto, red clover, brahmi, and aloe leaf juice.


Saw Palmetto- Saw palmetto helps block the activity of the 5-AR enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone to DHT. It also has anti-aging and inflammatory properties that support hair growth.


Red Clover- Red clover targets inflammation to promote a healthy scalp environment for thicker hair growth. It's also a natural DHT blocker, mitigating hair loss and shedding and encouraging the growth phase of the hair cycle.


Brahmi- High in antioxidants, Brahmi works with saw palmetto to block DHT. It strengthens hair roots and includes soothing and cleansing properties to cleanse the scalp and fight inflammation.


Aloe Leaf Juice- Aloe is the first ingredient listed on all of Zenagen's conditioners. It promoted scalp health and hydration. It contains essential amino acids that nourish the hair, improve texture, and prevent damage.


How Long Until I See Results?

The key to using Revolve is to use it correctly and be patient. Think about it, you didn't lose your hair in one day, so it won't grow back in one day! Use the system every other day for 5 full minutes and in two weeks you should notice a reduction in hair shedding. In 3 months, your thin problem areas should begin to appear thicker and fuller. In 6 months, you should notice a visible difference in thickness and coverage, and in 9-24 months you'll notice peak results. It is important to keep in mind that this timeline varies for everyone.


General Hair Care Tips

In order to see the hair growth and have healthy hair, it is important to practice good hair care habits. In addition to using Revolve, here are a few general tips to follow:


- Shampoo and condition your hair regularly. Be sure to lather up the shampoo and let it sit on your scalp for five minutes before rinsing. Follow the shampoo treatment with the conditioner, this step is just as important!

- Avoid using excessive heat. If you must use hot tools, make sure to use a heat protectant product first, like the Strengthening Leave-in Conditioner. Try not to style your hair every day and give it time to rest in between washings.

- Use a soft-bristled hairbrush, like the Zen Brush. The synthetic boar hair bristles are soft enough not to cause damage while also massaging the scalp to increase blood flow, which is important for hair growth. Start at the ends and work your way up, being gentle so as not to damage the hair shafts.

- Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat or using a UV protectant spray. The sun can dry out your hair and cause it to become brittle and break off easily.

- Get regular trims. This will help get rid of split ends and damaged hair.

- Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Your hair is made up of protein, so make sure to include plenty of lean protein in your diet. Drinking lots of water will also help keep your hair hydrated and healthy looking.


Hair Loss Awareness Month is so important to us here at Zenagen! Hair loss can be such a taboo topic, but we hope to change that! Make sure to follow us on socials. Throughout the month, we will share more about hair loss and how to treat it!


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