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The Benefits of Evolve and Who Should Use it

If you have been searching on Pinterest "Tips on how to grow your hair longer" look no further, we have just the thing (and its only 2 steps)! You can stop the egg masks and other at home remedies, because our method really works and is backed by science! 

What Is Evovle?


Zenagen Evolve is a 2-step hair repair and lengthening system that encourages the appearance of longer, stronger and healthier hair.


A visible difference in the overall shine and health of the hair can be seen after just one wash. You will begin to notice longer, stronger hair after just 1-3 months of use!


Normally, a person's hair grows a quarter of an inch per month. However, when using Evolve, hair grows 40% faster, meaning it can grow up to half an inch per month, and sometimes even more!


Check out this before and after from only a 6 week time period!

How It Works


Through the use of nutraceutical ingredients, Evolve heals damaged hair, optimizes scalp environment and increases length, strength and shine.


Evolve contains four main ingredients; ginger root, lavender, alpine willowherb, and grape seed extract. These natural ingredients stimulate stem cell efficiency allowing for faster hair growth.


Evolve also contains important amino acids such as alanine, histidine, and PCA. These amino acids repair and strengthen the cuticle (pictured below). This improves the hair's ability to retain moisture making it stronger, shinier, and healthier.

These natural ingredients also work together to lengthen the growth (anagen) stage of the hair cycle and shortens the shedding (telogen) stage (pictured below). This results in more hair follicles in the growth stage at once and for a longer period of time.


To learn more about each ingredient specifically, read "Break it Down: What Ingredients are in Evolve."

Who Should Use Evolve?


Now you may be wondering, "who can use it?" The answer... ANYONE! Evolve can be used on all hair types, especially those seeking healthier, longer hair, who are NOT experiencing hair loss.


If you are experiencing hair loss, we have something special for you. Learn about Revolve here.


Evolve is also recommended to those living in humid climates that can cause unknown heat damage, those living in populated areas where environmental pollutants in the air cause hair damage, and those with heat damaged or over-processed hair.

How Do I Use it?


Hopefully we've already given you so many things to love about Evolve; natural ingredients, made for any and all hair types. Oh, and did we mention it's color safe, gluten-free, cruelty-free, AND vegan? But here's one more, it is SO easy to use and takes only 5 minutes every-other day!


We recommend that you use this 2-part system 3-4 times a week (or every-other day).


First, massage the treatment to your scalp and hair. Let the treatment sit for 5 full minutes. This part is important because that's how long it takes for the ingredients to enter the hair follicle. Use our shower timer to ensure you wait the full five minutes.


After the 5 minutes you can rinse out the shampoo treatment and follow with the conditioner. Leave the conditioner in for the desired about of time and rinse when done. It's that easy!

Where Can I Get It?


The last question you probably have is "where can I get this product?" Hit the button below to purchase Evolve, and remember, your hair doesn't have to be damaged to give it some TLC!


If you do have any more questions about Evolve, try here or check out our FAQs.

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