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Which Size Shampoo Provides the Best Bang for Your Buck

Did you know that saving money is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions? There are many ways to do this; watch your spending, create a budget, and find products that give you the best bang for your buck. Which is exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog post! 


Shampoo and conditioner are necessities (at least they should be). That being said, when cutting back on spending, these aren't items you should necessarily stop purchasing or compromise on the quality to save a few dollars, especially when these shampoos are your key to hair recovery! Therefore, the best way to save money is by making sure you are doing your product purchasing in the most cost effective way!

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To help you out, we did the math! Although the 32 fl. oz. Shampoo is the most expensive up front, it's actually the cheapest in the long run, and can help you save up to 50% per year, depending on what size you normally would buy. To demonstrate, we're going to compare the 32 fl. oz. with our 6 fl. oz. which is our most popular size.


By purchasing the 6 fl. oz. size, a year's supply would cost $240.00. However, by purchasing the 32 fl. oz. bottles, a year's supply would only cost $171.00 (that's only $0.47 per day!). See the graph below for a break down.

Next we are going to take a look at the price per fluid ounce. As you can see by the graphs below, the 32 fl. oz. is still the best bang for your buck, because it's cheaper per ounce!

As you can see, the 32 ounce size of our shampoo treatment and conditioner are the best value, so if you truly want to save money, start there. However, we get that it's a big investment up front, so that's why we made our 6 ounce size still worth the money! Our 6 ounce size lasts around 3 months, which is also a great value when you break down price per use. It's worth it to invest in quality hair care, especially when it comes to hair growth and maintenance.


Whether you are testing Zenagen out for the first time, and opt for the 6 ounces, or are traveling and opt for the 2.5 ounce, you can use this blog as a guide when deciding which size is best for you!

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