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The Benefits of Evolve and Who Should Use it

If you have been searching on Pinterest "Tips on how to grow your hair longer" look no further, we have just the thing (and its only 2 steps)! You can stop the egg masks and other at home remedies, because our method really works and is backed by science! What...

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Which Zenagen Product is Right for Me?

“If I had perfect hair, what would that look like?” This is the question that should be on your mind when picking out a hair product. You might respond with “I want longer hair” or “I want thicker hair”. After you answer that, find a product that promises that result....

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Break It Down: What Ingredients Are In Evolve?

Break It Down: What Ingredients Are In Evolve? One of our most popular blog posts ever, has been our ingredient breakdown of our Revolve products. It makes sense! Everyone want to know what is in the products that they’re putting on and in their bodies. This greater push towards transparency...

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