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A Hair History Lesson: Everything You Didn't Know About the Importance of Hair

Think back to your earliest memory of your hair. Maybe you're thinking of the time your mom put rollers in your hair so that it was curly for your school picture day. Or maybe it’s the first time you sat in the barber’s chair for your first haircut. Whatever your earliest memory may be, we can probably all agree that hair plays an important role in all of our histories, as it has for ages. Hair is a way of self expression and hairstyles have always been a way to communicate who you are as a person. In the past, it was common that the way somebody wore their hair would determine their social class, marital status, culture, sex, age, and religious and political beliefs. Today however, hair signifies a person's personality rather than social standing.  


Today, we have the luxury of having access to a wide variety of tools to style our hair such as dye, hot tools, wigs, extensions, and accessories. In the past, even though they didn’t have the technology we have today, hair played a very significant role in people’s lives. The earliest known depiction of a hairstyle dates back around 30,000 years ago from a female figurine from the Old Stone Age called Venus of Willendorf (pictured below). The figurine shows hairstyling through the use of braiding.


Since then, hair styling has evolved and changed in so many ways. Even combating hair loss isn’t an entirely new concept. In Ancient Egypt, Egyptians used henna to cover their gray hairs and had homemade remedies for hair loss. These included applying fats, oils, and lettuce to their scalp, and some of these remedies are still used today. Ancient Egyptians utilized their hair to express social status, as those with higher status would use ribbons, flowers, and even wigs. 


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Some depictions of hair were a lot more intense than just social status. For example, Ancient Greece viewed their hair as a life source. The Greeks, like the Egyptians, would decorate their hair with accessories, and even color it with ashes and henna. They would even use beeswax as a styling gel (so innovative). However, the Greeks would also let their hair grow long and use it for sacrifices!


Because we spend so much time and money on our hair, men and women dealing with hair loss may have a negative impact on their self identity. Without their hair, people find it hard to reflect who they are on the inside. Although we all know, it’s what's on the inside that matters, but that doesn’t mean our hair isn’t important to us. The good news is, Zenagen can help! We have an abundance of hair products that will help you express your self identity. 


If you are struggling with hair loss, try either our Revolve line or our newest product; the Thickening Hair Serum. These products even work great together. However, if you would rather target the health of your hair to work on growing stronger, longer hair, then the Evolve line is for you. We also have styling products that we know you would get along great with! This includes the Boost line, the Leave-in Conditioner, and Crue Grit. If you would like to learn more about which hair products are best for you, read Which Zenagen Product is Right for Me


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