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National Hair Loss Awareness Month

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, which means now is the perfect time to take a deep dive into the causes of hair loss and how to treat it. Hair loss is a common issue that is often hush-hush.  The Hair Society states that approximately 56 million people suffer from...

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Hair Loss Treatments: Your Guide to Hair Loss Treatment Types

In honor of Hair Loss Awareness Month, we have talked about the different types of hair loss and if hair loss can be reversed. Now we’re going to tackle the different kinds of hair loss treatments. If you are experiencing hair loss, there’s no need to fret! There are many...

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Can Hair Loss Be Reversed?

It’s time to tackle the most asked question about hair loss… Can it be reversed? The short answer is yes, to an extent. While most hair loss can be greatly improved with treatment, there is a point of no return when hair loss becomes too late to treat. That’s why...

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Break It Down: What Ingredients Are In Revolve?

If you’re a regular reader of the blog or familiar with the Zenagen products at all, you probably know the basics and are ready to get down to the key Revolve ingredients, but we wanted to give a quick rundown for those who are not. We offer plant-based hair care...

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Break It Down: What Ingredients Are In Evolve?

Break It Down: What Ingredients Are In Evolve? One of our most popular blog posts ever, has been our ingredient breakdown of our Revolve products. It makes sense! Everyone want to know what is in the products that they’re putting on and in their bodies. This greater push towards transparency...

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