Meet Our Team and Their Favorite Products

Meet our hardworking staff and the products they can't live without!

Jared Reynolds


"My favorite product is Revolve for men because it really works and feels good on the scalp."

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Joe Anthony


"My favorite product is Crue Grit. I've used lots of different hair pastes and clays and whatever else, but nothing holds my hair in place as well and as long as Crue Grit does."

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Lauren Drawe


"My favorite product is the Leave-in Conditioner because I use so much heat on my hair and it makes my hair feel like I just came from the salon! I can’t live without it."

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Liz Deason


"I love the new Thickening Hair Serum. I love the way it makes my scalp feel. It doesn't weight my hair down or make it greasy and keeps it healthy, shiny and prolongs my blowout."

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Joshua Higgins


"Crue Grit is my favorite because it is a true hybrid styling product. It emulsifies like a grooming cream, texturizes and volumizes like a wonderful texture wax and holds without crunch like a forming paste. All with a matte finish. While using Aloe and Geranium as key ingredients."

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Millie Long


"My favorite product is the Leave-in Conditioner because it smells amazing."

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Hannah McKellips


"My favorite product is the Evolve treatment because before using it, my hair was so damaged from color and heat. Evolve really restored my hair!"

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Katie Henderson


"My favorite is the leave-in conditioner because it leaves my hair so soft and shiny. After washing my hair, I always have so many tangles and knots but when I use the leave-in I can brush through my hair effortlessly. It smells amazing as well!"

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Yordanos Dumez


"I love Crue Grit because I needed something heavier to help with fly-aways."

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Andy Shepherd


"My favorite product is Crue Grit because it's got great hold but doesn't weigh my hair down or leave any residue behind!"

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Jennifer Watson


"My favorite product is Densifying Leave-in Cream. It gives me frizz and wild hair control without a harsh hold and a soft touchable feel while shaping and treating my hair strands."

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