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Thickening Hair Serum: A Deep Dive into Our Newest Product

You may have heard… We've added a new member to our product line! It’s called the Thickening Hair Serum, and it’s flying off the shelves, so if you haven’t gotten your hands on it you need to ASAP! Containing all of the benefits of Zenagen’s other products that you know and love, the hair serum is color safe, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan, and safe for all hair types. 

How It Works


The Thickening Hair Serum is all about the Zen Restorative Complex. The Zen Restorative Complex utilizes the natural healing power of plants to create a blend of non-toxic, natural ingredients. This blend works to neutralize free radicals, soothes scalp inflammation, and targets hair loss at the sight. Unlike other hair serums that are oily and leave residue, our serum allows for maximum hair loss benefits without leaving behind residue or irritation. 


The hair serum is full of features that allows for easy use including a J dropper for accuracy, once-per day application, and a quick drying, lightweight formula. To apply it, you just fill the dropper and apply directly to the scalp on dry or towel dried hair, focusing on areas of concern and the hair part. After application, massage the serum gently into the scalp and do not rinse. It is the perfect product to pair with the Revolve treatment, especially on those non-Zenagen wash days! 



The Thickening Hair serum is formulated with all-natural plant based ingredients, just like our other Zenagen products. When plant-based ingredients are harvested from plants, typically most of the potency is compromised during the process, meaning the quality of the product is weakened. Our hair serum is formulated with 100% adaptive ingredients, which means these ingredients are in the top 1% for quality. Adaptipure ingredients are extracted using a high-quality cold-pressed system, making them the ideal collection for scalp and hair care conditions. 

The Thickening Hair Serum includes some of Zenagen’s signature ingredients, such as aloe leaf juice. Aloe leaf juice contains essential amino acids that nourishes the hair and helps it retain moisture, and soothes the scalp against inflammation.


The hair serum also contains a newer ingredient to the Zenagen family, which is pumpkin seed extract. I know what you're thinking, and yes, pumpkin seed extract can be used for more than just pumpkin spiced lattes. Pumpkin Seed Extract has been proven to significantly reverse the signs of aging. The molecular structure of this extract is so small that it can effectively penetrate the skin and hair follicles to help strengthen the hair and scalp while providing protection against UVA/UVB rays. 

This new product is top of the line, so if you are experiencing hair loss or shedding, we recommend the Thickening Hair Serum. It’s so easy to use and has so many amazing benefits! The serum can be used as a stand alone treatment or used to amplify the results of Revolve. Act fast and don’t miss out on this brand new product because it has quickly become a fan-favorite!


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