Why Won’t My Hair Grow Past a Certain Point?

Have you ever heard a friend complain that their hair just won’t grow? Is it all just in our minds or can hair actually stop growing? This is a problem that’s a lot more common than you may think. Although stunted hair growth altogether is probably a little dramatic, hair growth can be disturbed by diet, lack of vitamins and genetics. Luckily, we have a little trick up our sleeve that will help you get the length you’ve always desired.

Understanding The Hair Growth Cycle

Fun Fact: your hair growth cycle is absolutely unique to you! Our hair goes through a growth cycle of three stages, anagen (growth phase), catagen (transition phase), and telogen(resting stage). The cycle lasts 24-48 months, growing approximately 1 cm per month depending on the individual. Once the growth cycle is complete, a new hair is able to grow and the cycle begins again. It’s important to understand the hair cycle, to better address the hair problems we may face.

Reasons Why Your Hair Won’t Grow

You’re lacking iron

    • You might want to check your diet if your hair isn’t growing. When your body is lacking iron it fails to make a protein called ferritin which are red blood cells that help carry oxygen around the body. A lack of ferritin can cause hair to move out of its growing phase and to shed too quickly. It’s important to make sure to consult your doctor if you think you may be lacking iron.

Overactive Thyroid

    • If you have an overactive thyroid and have been experiencing symptoms for a prolonged period of time you may realize that your hair is thinning and just won’t grow. This is due to the underlying disease. Good news, with the right treatment you can get this under control.

It’s In Your Genes

    • Blame it on the family tree. Genetics play a huge part in hair type, color and how our hair grows. If your mom has thin blonde hair and your dad also has thin blonde hair chances are you will too. While how long our hair can grow isn’t determined by genetics, (how many strands will stay in the anagen phase long enough to grow) the length that an individual’s hair stays in the anagen phase naturally is determined by genetics.

You’re Doing Damage

    • Damaged and split hair will spell some serious hair drama. Split ends may be the reason why your hair doesn’t want to grow and may be a reason why your dealing with a hair plateau. If you aren’t taking care of your hair on a day-to-day basis then you are more likely going to experience some stunt in growth.

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The Evolve System

So you want your hair to be longer, stronger, healthier, and shinier? Then you might want to try our Evolve shampoo/conditioner treatment. Evolve is a two-step hair repair and growth acceleration technology that transforms over processed hair to a natural healthy state. The easy to use Evolve system works by creating an optimal environment on the scalp for hair to grow longer and stronger. This technology treatment has ginger root extract which stimulates the scalp, allowing nutraceutical ingredients to reach the hair follicles faster. One of these amazing Nutraceutical Ingredients is called Alpine Willowherb. This is what makes the magic happen. This extract increases the growth rate of your hair by 40% when using Evolve. We want more inches and Evolve delivers.

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If your hair just won’t grow, there may be an underlying factor. You might want to consult your doctor to make sure that all you don’t aren’t deficient in any nutrients and that your hormone levels are normal. If everything seems to be okay, your best bet is to get a treatment system such as Evolve and start using it ASAP. We promise you will get the length and fullness you have always craved!