Founder Jared Reynolds created Zenagen as a natural hair loss solution for his first-hand experience with thinning hair. We know that hair loss can be frustrating and discouraging, and we love hearing success stories from our clients who have used Zenagen and experienced amazing results. To share your story, please contact us at INFO@ZENAGEN.COM



Miss Tennessee USA 2010 “Since being introduced to the Zenagen products, my hair has not only grown noticeably faster than ever before but also healthier and thicker. My hair has gone through a lot of wear and tear over the years, but Zenagen has helped to give my hair the body that I’ve been wanting for so long!”


Miss ALABAMA 2010, Top 10 Miss USA & Miss Photogenic “I am so happy with the results of Zenagen! I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia when I was 20 years old and competing for the title of Miss USA. I was so embarrassed by my hair loss and my self-confidence was really affected. After three years of trying everything under the sun to stop my hair loss, I was introduced to Zenagen. I have now been using Zenagen for over a year, and not only has my hair loss stopped, but I have also experienced new hair growth! Zenagen helped restore my self-confidence by giving me back the thick, full head of hair that I grew up with. I am so happy to use a product that consists of all-natural ingredients and that actually works! Thank you, Zenagen!”