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The Best 5 Foods for Hair Growth

Did you know that your diet is directly correlated with your hair health? What you choose to eat to fuel your body can also affect how fast, thick and healthy your hair grows. Here is a list of 5 of the best foods that prevent hair loss. Along with a more natural hair care routine, a few changes in your diet can go a long way in helping to encourage healthier hair growth. If you are experiencing hair thinning and shedding, read below for some advice on what to incorporate into your diet to help with hair loss! 




Your hair follicles are made mostly of protein, so eating protein rich foods, such as eggs can help promote stronger hair growth. Eggs are also high in vitamins and biotin, which stimulate keratin production in hair and increase the rate of follicle growth. Keratin is the key structural protein that makes up hair, so any increase in levels within the body will help with stronger, faster growing hair.




Berries help to increase your Vitamin C levels. Much like the Evolve system, Vitamin C has natural antioxidant properties that protect against free radicals, which come from inside your body, as well as external sources such as UV rays and pollutants. Free radicals will prevent healthy hair growth and have been shown to accelerate the rate of aging on hair and skin. Berries increase the number of antioxidants within your body to help neutralize free radicals and keep hair healthy and strong.




Another important superfood for healthy hair growth is Spinach. Rich in properties like folate, iron and vitamins A and C, Spinach may help promote thicker, fuller hair growth because of its nutrient dense makeup. It also helps with hydration, particularly on the skin and scalp. Moisturization of the scalp is essential for hair growth, because it keeps pores free and clear, allowing for hair to grow thick and full.




Fatty acids, or Omega-3s, are important for natural hair growth. Omega-3 provides proteins to the body, prevents irritation and inflammation, and promotes blood circulation, all of which are essential for hair growth. Fish, such as salmon, sardines and cod, are all high in fatty acids (and delicious) and give added benefits to the hair. Not really a fish person, taking fish oil supplements are a great alternative, and offer many of the same benefits.




Avocados are good on toast, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and are easy to incorporate into your diet. Avocados are considered a “good” fat, and are rich in vitamin E. Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, is another natural antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. It’s also another great source of biotin that helps hair grow faster!