What Product Is Right For Your Hair Type?

Walking down the hair product aisle can be an intimidating experience. There are hundreds of products lining the aisles and if you don’t know where to start, it’s overwhelming. Therefore, knowing your hair type is one of the most important things you can learn, so you can properly take care of your hair and embrace its’ natural potential! Someone with curly hair can’t use a product that is made for someone with straight hair. Every head of hair is unique and each is beautiful, so today on the Zenagen Blog, we’re going to talk about the best products for each hair type.

Straight Hair

The first hair type we are going to discuss is straight hair. Believe it or not, there are some differences between straight hair. Some people have fine straight hair, while others have thick straight hair. For women, fine hair lacks in volume so it’s important to have add a volumizing product, like the BOOST Volume Foam, to your routine. Using a dry shampoo or texturizing powder can help protect against over washing, while adding grip for easier styling. If you have thick, straight hair, you will want to use a styling oil and shine spray to give your hair life and help protect against frizzing.

Wavy Hair

When it comes to wavy hair, you want to avoid heavy styling products to keep your hair from getting weighed down. A frizz control is the best product for women with wavy hair. For men with wavy hair, you want to use a pomade with moisture because the hair can get dried out easily. The BOOST Densifying Leave-In Cream is packed with natural ingredients that gives hair volume without weight. It great to put on damp hair if you want to let hair dry naturally, but it can also be used as a styling product for blow-outs, as it protects hair from heat and damage. The BOOST Texturizing Powder will also give more volume and texture at the root, but remember, a little big goes a long way!

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, keeping it moistured can be a huge struggle. For women with curly hair, you don’t want to wash your hair every day or it can mess with vital moisture levels that the hair needs to give clearly defined curls. When you don’t wash your hair, you want to use a leave-in conditioner. For styling your hair, you want to use a styling oil and a curl definer. Men also want to use a styling oil because it keeps your curls moisturized. A styling cream or a pomade can help you shape your hair, but will also add moisture so you don’t have to worry about drying out your hair with product. Yet again, the BOOST Densifying Cream is perfect for this situation.

Kinky Hair

The last hair type we have is kinky hair, and it’s one of the most difficult hair types to work with, because the curls are twisted so tight. For women with kinky hair, they need to use a deep conditioner. This will make sure it keeps the hair shiny and moisturized. For men, the best product to use is a styling cream. It’s important to make sure you apply oil so your hair doesn’t dry out.

People are constantly making the mistake of putting the wrong products on their hair. By knowing what products that are made for your hair type makes taking care of your hair easier. Using the right products will also help keep your hair healthy, prevent damage, and help with hair growth.