What Can you Do for Five Minutes in the Shower?

Time flies when you’re having fun, but boy does it drag when you’re watching the clock. Showering can be a meditative, replenishing and certainly necessary part of your lifestyle, but we understand that apart from shaving or washing your body, there really isn’t much you can be doing during those agonizing five whole minutes while you’re waiting for your Zenagen to set in and reach the scalp. UNLESS, of course, you had some sort of guide and tips to get you through it, so we thought we’d throw a few together to help you out.

Check it!

For Our Business Folks:
  • Mentally make a to-do list, be sure your prioritizing.
  • Update a few bullets on your resume.
For Our Lifestyle Folks:
More than A Few Songs that are 5 Minutes or More:

A Facial Routine that Takes 5 Minutes:

1. Cleanse. Use an exfoliate brush and a facial cleanser to clear your skin of oil, dirt and dry skin buildup.

2. Exfoliate. Use a deep scrub to open pores and exfoliate your skin. Be sure to only do this step once or twice a week.

3. Tone. Use a toner or make your own at home that fits your skin type and will work best for you! We also love Witch Hazel.

Other Very Practical Things that are 5 Minutes:

You’d be surprised! There’s actually a lot you can accomplish in 5 minutes, but one of the BEST things you can do in that time is restore nourishing vitamins and amino acids to your well-deserved scalp. That’s all it takes for Zenagen Evolve and Revolve Treatments to give your hair what it needs to grow faster, stronger, thicker, and fuller.

Anything you think we missed? Let us know! The first 5 people to tag us on our Instagram @zenagenhair telling us what you love to do while you wait, gets a free 5 minute timer!