Valentine’s Hairstyles

Today is Valentine’s Day and there’s no better day to tap into your personal style and showcase your best do for your boo. We want you to rock some edgy and romantic looks for your special someone and a fabulous hairstyle is a must if you’re looking for a memorable night! We’re all hair people. We know our hair is a form of expression and will convey our mood and intentions. Whether you want to be charming or sultry and sexy check out these hairstyles for some inspiration for the big date. Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, so we’ve been mindful of the crammed day you might have and carefully selected quick and easy. We’ve chosen some special Valentine’s hairstyles that go with a variety of date occasions compliments of Pinterest!

Dinner Date / Formal Event

Side Pins

This look says luxury. Keep things tight and fun with these long diamond pins! Add some texture to those curls by combining BOOST Densifying Cream and Volumizing Foam to keep those curls firm and texturized!

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Half Up Half Down Heart Braid

How many ways can a person say I love you? You can say I love you by writing a card, buying a gift, or even a simple gesture like a hug. But have you ever said I love you with your hair?!?! This look does! Catch these fancy braids that can literally send the right message to your loved one!

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Texturized Waves

BANGS! Get the night poppin’ with these luxurious curls. Want to add some textured flare? Throw in a little BOOST Texturizing Powder to hold that curl in place all through the evening. This look is perfect for dinner and a show.


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Rose Buns

Hearts, roses and magic! A recipe of romance wrapped all up in a red or pink scarf! Get creative and funky with this one and try to recreate one of the dozen roses you’ll be receiving or a heart-shaped bun to show some love. Either way hair pulled back ensures all eyes on you!

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Picnic Day Time Date

Bubbly Pony Tail

If you want to keep things cute and bubbly, check out this volumizing bubbled ponytail. This is perfect for those quick outings where you might be moving around a bit. Long walks through the park, fun picnics with friends; this is the look you want.

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Long Pony Tail

Let’s show some sass on this day! Nothing like a ponytail down the back with the perfect texture and intentional fly aways. This look is edgy, rough and yet still very classy and sophisticated. Nothing like good ole’ mixed signals with this hairdo! Get this same texture as this Pinterest Beauty Queen using BOOST Texturizing Powder.

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Galentine with your Friends

Heart-Shaped Buns

You’ll need some help to execute this look, and what better time, then with your galentine! You and your friends would have a blast recreating some of your favorite looks! We suggest keeping it love themed and trying out this heart half up half down!


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MORE Heart Buns

So you and your girlfriends are getting ready separately and you have to show up to the galentine date looking real cute? We got you covered. Pull it back into a fun bun and get some texture flowing, easy and breasy.  BOOST Styling Products will be the real loved ones in this relationship, we guarantee.

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Single Awareness/ Staying Home

Messy Bun

Keeping things to yourself this year? We all know Valentine’s Day is either the most loved or hated,  but keep your hair out of the fued. There’s no place like home baby, and a messy bun is a look you need to really say “I do not care about you or this day!”

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