Trend Alert: Get Summer Braids with Zenagen BOOST

With the weather slowly transitioning from chilly to warm, it’s the time of the year that everyone is wanting to start trying out new things. That could be a new diet, wardrobe, or hairstyle, but everyone is wanting to look their very best for the summer.

When it comes to our looks, our hair is one of the first things that someone notices about us. You could just add some color or chop it all off, but trying something that is easy to do yourself and not so drastic is just as fun. Right now, incorporating braids into hairstyles is that hot trend, and it’s just in time for spring and summer. We styled some simple, but cute ideas that is easy for you to try on!

The first look we have is super cute and couldn’t get any simpler. This is a double braid that meets in the middle to create the look of a half-up hair do. It is perfect for those mornings when you’re in a rush to get ready.

We sprayed the roots with a little Zenagen BOOST powder before styling the hair, to give more volume and lift at the roots, while giving the braids some grip and hold.

You can also add your own little spin on this and leave your hair curly or wavy instead of having it straight. This can help add some more volume to your hair.

Next, we have a simple ponytail with a side braid. This gives the classic ponytail a new look and makes it not so boring. It’s perfect for hot weather when you need to throw your hair up but still want it to look like you made an effort.

We ran two pumps of the BOOST Volume Foam through the hair before styling. This gave the hair more volume and shine as it air-dried naturally.

Summer is almost here, so start practicing these look now!

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