The Magic Behind Evolve

Zenagen Evolve is a two-step, repair and growth acceleration system that encourages the growth of stronger, longer and healthier hair up to 40% faster. A visible difference in the overall shine and health of the hair can be seen in just one wash, while longer, stronger hair is noticeable after 1 -3 months of use.

Evolve heals damaged hair from the inside out by utilizing an advanced delivery system and high-quality botanically based ingredients to create an optimal scalp environment for hair growth. A unique blend of amino acids work together to maintain vital moisture levels in the hair and shield against unavoidable environmental factors that damage hair including pollution, debris and humidity. Whereas, the botanical ingredients, including ginger root and grape seed extract, work together to stimulate, sooth and protect the scalp to allow for faster delivery of the powerful nutraceutical ingredients to reach the hair follicle and work their magic.

However, the most unique ingredient in the Evolve system is the Alpine Willowherb. This one-of-kind extract increases the growth rate of the hair cycle, thus allowing hair to growth longer – faster! It is the driving force behind the acceleration power of the product and is what gives users real results, real fast.

This product is a best-seller among millennials, and Evolve has been shared and featured by several social media influencers who are true fans of the product. We love that they are confident enough in the quality and effectiveness of our products to share to their several thousand followers. We get new fans daily because of their recommendations and we’re so grateful! We continue to see and hear stories of happy customers using the Evolve system and hope to hear yours soon. If you want to share, please reach out to us at! You might just get a shout out and little thank you gift…