The List of Must-Have Travel Essentials

Warmer weather is fast approaching, while the long, cold winter days are slowly becoming a distant memory. With Summer being just around the corner, vacation days are burning a hole in the pockets of many Zenagen Blog readers… so it’s time to start booking your summer getaways! While going on vacation is relaxing and always much needed, there’s a lot of things that you must go through to get to that part. We all wish we could just hop on a plane and get to our destination, but we must put in the hard work and planning before the vacation begins.

There is a lot that goes into planning a trip, because you want to make sure that everything is perfect. One of the most important things to think about is packing. Packing can be one of the worst parts of a trip. You’re constantly stressing about what you need to bring with you and if you’re overpacking, so we’re going to make that part a little easier for you. We’re going to share our list of travel essentials that are ideal to bring in your carry on. It can be challenging narrowing it down to just the bare minimum, but here is a  list to help you do so. Check them out!

Hand Sanitizer
A mini bottle of hand sanitizer is great to have while traveling so you can easily disinfect your hands. You never know what kind of germs you could come into contact with during travel.

It is important to make sure to have your phone charger and headphones, especially if you know you’re going to be in the airport for a while. Remember to pack these in your carryon and not in your checked-luggage! Speaking from experience here.

It is important to make sure that you bring a couple of snacks with you, so you aren’t starving and let’s face it, no one actually enjoys airplane food. It also helps to bring an empty water bottle, so you can fill it up after passing through security.

This item is a definite must-have! You can easily purchase a travel size, so it doesn’t take up that much room. You want to make sure you are nice and freshened up once you get to your destination.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste
These two are also things you can’t forget during travel. You can purchase travel sized so it doesn’t take up a lot of space either. You want to make sure you can have fresh breath and especially if you have eaten along the way.

When it comes to makeup it can get a little tricky because who doesn’t want their entire makeup bag with them. You want to try and pick out what is most important to you. Having your mascara, concealer, a tinted moisturizer, and chapstick is ideal. Packing some makeup wipes can come in handy as well.

Contact Case and Solution
If you wear contacts, you know how important it is to always have these items accessible to you. You never know if there will be an emergency and you’ll need them.

Hair Products
Lastly, you can’t forget about your hairbrush, hair tie, and your travel sized Zenagen Revolve shampoo treatment. The new travel sized Revolve treatments are packaged in easy-to-pack and TSA approved 1 oz. containers and boast the same formula and ingredients of the revolutionary Revolve shampoo treatment that prevents and protects hair from thinning and excessive shedding. The travel size makes its easy to have your Revolve with you on the go.

The Zenagen Boost Texturizing Powder is also a can’t miss when packing your suitcase. It instantly gives your hair volume and texture, while packaged in a petite, non-aerosol bottle.

When you’re traveling you don’t want to leave home without making sure that you bring these items with you. The best part is that these items are able to fit in a medium sized purse with ease. Having these things can really make or break your traveling experience!

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