The Importance of Hair at NYFW

From head to toe, fashion is a statement and we’re starting at the top. Understand some of the most lavish looks from this year 2019 New York Fashion Week by following these top stylists trends.

New York is abuzz this week as the worlds top fashion designers, models, and critics prepare for New York Fashion Week September 2019. Everyone’s eyes will be on the fierce headliners of the event, but behind the catwalks and out of the spotlight, hairstylists are working tirelessly to capture the perfect look for designers. Hair can be categorized as the most essential fashion piece in the industry, and in excitement, we wanted to discuss the correlation between beauty and fashion, and share top looks from this year.

Don’t underestimate the importance of grooming; hair is the most important controllable aspect of your physical appearance.

It has been stated that 2019 is the year for hot hair looks—quite literally hot hair, almost sweaty. If there’s one styling product you need to make a statement, it’s gel. This year stylists are slicking the hair back to showcase the design—jewelry, necklines and color around the face. The French luxury fashion house, Balmain, showcases this look best, notorious for eye-catching show-stopping jewelry pieces. Our Boost leave-in cream can accomplish these looks, meanwhile restoring nutrients to the root. Get this top look and do your hair a favor at the same time.

Cara Delevingne in Balmain at Paris Fashion Week, Spring 2018

Jonathan Simkhai’s hairstyle focused on texture. Stylists backstage at the show recommended using the product at the root to get a 60s boho feel. Adding braids to the looks helped give the hair volume and radiance. Our Boost Texturizing Powder is perfect for these looks, and stylist-approved to achieve these looks.

Its official, long hair is in. Hair to the mid back is increasingly popular at not just NYFW but also award shows and celebrity appearances. Stylists have found this hair trend to be the ideal way to grab attention in a fast-paced catwalk carousel quickly. Stylist Guido uses hair extensions, but you don’t have to. Designed to accelerate growth, Evolve strengthens your hair at the root and lengthens,  giving you that coveted hair toss this fall.

Street Style for Fashion Week 2018, Photo: Fashionista

Hair can make or break your fashion, and the world’s top designers know it. Doesn’t matter the attention you give to your outfit if the hair is not on point. Be on the lookout for your favorite designers and hairstylists and let us know which ones are hot and which ones are not.