Straight Today, Curly Tomorrow: How to Make Your Hair Versatile

Have you ever wanted to wear your hair straight one day and curly the next without a wash day in between? Hello, almost every girl we know! Variety is key to having a great hair day. Some days you feel like showing off your healthy hair (by using the Evolve system) with a smooth and sleek, straight style. The next you may want to have tousled beach waves. But most of the time that isn’t possible.

For most hair types, as soon as you straighten your hair it’s really hard to get it to curl again. This is especially true for naturally straight hair that is thin and fine. It’s like your hair is saying, “Girl, pick a lane and stick with it!” But, sometimes that mentality, just doesn’t work with your social schedule. You want the options and you need to make your hair play nice.

That’s where the BOOST collection can work wonders. Our Volume Foam is essential in creating a base for any hair style now, and allowing your hair to shape into any style you want later. It is formulated with plant-based, nutraceutical ingredients to enrich the hair with vitamins and nutrients for long-lasting healthy hair, but it also gives your hair flexible hold and volume instantly.

You can put one pump (a little bit goes a long way) on clean, damp hair. Then give yourself a blow dry. Follow with a straightener if you prefer an even more sleek look. Now, you’ve got a solid base for tomorrow’s tousled beach waves!

Zenagen Boost Volume Foam, $30

The Volume Foam has given our model’s hair instant lift and hold throughout day one, but it also allows for her to put long-lasting waves in for day two. Simply take a curling iron and alternate the direction of the curls until entire head is curled. Then spritz the roots and ends with a texturizing spray. We prefer Zenagen Boost Thickening Texturizing Powder… duh! Work the powder through the hair with hands. This lends itself to a perfectly messy style.

Zenagen Boost Texturizing Powder, $32

That’s it! Her hair held both styles effortlessly, because she started with the perfect canvas, thanks to the Volume Foam. This model has extremely fine hair that, without product, will not hold a curl. Now it does… even after it’s been straightened!