Short Hair, Don’t Care: Get Major Volume with Little Effort

Fashion and hairstyles are constantly going through cycles. If you give a look enough time, chances are, you will see it again in the magazines, runways and on your #OOTD feed. I mean, scrunchies are back at the moment (and we couldn’t be more excited about it, tbh)!

While we here at the Zenagen Blog have always thought short hair is a classic, timeless style that should always be rocked, we can’t ignore the fact that short hair is having a major moment right now. Especially, the ever-so-coveted, “lob.”

We are drooling over this look for so many reasons, honestly it’s hard to keep count.

1) Short to medium length hair cuts are so easy to manage and style, especially when it’s blazing outside. 2) You need less products to achieve a insta-worthy look. 3) It’s so much easier to get texture and volume. 4) Having short hair significantly reduces the time it takes to get out the door, because the blow-dry and style time is so much shorter! And, let’s be real here, blow-drying your own hair is the worst part of hair styling. That’s why blow-dry bars are so successful! 5) You instantly look edgier and more confident.

We could go on and on about all of the reasons why we love short hair, but instead, we’ll show you one of the looks that is always a winner. It’s simple and straight, but with the right tools and products, you can give your short hair the “boost” it needs for volume and lift all day long!

How To Get The Full Bob Blow Out

It’s so easy, but so effective! It really is truly amazing how one step, one product, can make all the difference in your overall hair appearance. Just look at the difference that can be made by adding the Zenagen Boost Volume Foam and a little bit of round brushing to your routine. The volume, hold and texture that the foam gives to hair (especially short) is unmatched.