Q&A with Zenagen Founder Jared Reynolds

Jared Reynolds is the founder and president of Zenagen. As a medical student, he created Zenagen as a solution to his battle with hair loss. We sat down with Jared to chat about our Revolve technology, ingredients and the science behind treating hair loss.

Founder and Creator of Zenagen, Jared Reynolds

Q: What causes hair loss?

A: The primary cause of hair loss is inflammation caused by dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

Everyone’s reaction to DHT is different. Younger cells are more resilient to inflammation, but as we age, cells weaken and become more susceptible to damage. Gradual hair loss occurs as DHT builds up in the follicle and these cells become inflamed. Inflammation slows down cellular processes; in a follicular stem cell, it slows the hair growth process until it eventually stops.

Genetics play a role in sensitivity to DHT, as does lifestyle. For example, smoking causes considerable spikes in inflammatory factors. Certain drugs may also impact how susceptible we are to DHT.

Q: How does Zenagen Revolve combat DHT?

A: The Revolve shampoo treatment is formulated with nutraceuticals that remove DHT from the follicle and block the future production of DHT. This process helps to protect against inflammation of the scalp and creates an optimal environment for hair to grow.

Zenagen cleanses and blocks the future production of DHT in the hair follicle


Q: Why are nutraceuticals used in the Zenagen products?

A: Certain chemicals, like minoxidil, can be very harsh on the hair. They can actually make the hair look thinner by causing dehydration and breakage.

When I created Revolve, I wanted to develop the strongest hair loss treatment possible, and we discovered some overlaps in the natural ingredient space—plant ingredients that were naturally superior at reducing inflammation. The industry as a whole has gotten better at getting potent benefits from plants. I’ve always focused on purity, and we use an exclusive CO2 extraction method that keeps each plant in its purest, most active form. This process maximizes the benefits of each ingredient in the formula.

Q: What are the nutraceuticals found in Revolve?

A: We have two unique formulas for men and women. Both contain bacopa monnieri leaf, which is a unique Indian plant that helps to protect follicular cells. It’s a notoriously unstable ingredient, like vitamin C, but our advanced extraction process preserves its potency and ensures stability.

The men’s and women’s Revolve shampoo treatments also feature green tea, which is high in polyphenol antioxidants. This ingredient helps to optimize the scalp for hair growth and development.

In the men’s Revolve system, white tea reduces sebum on the scalp to promote better delivery into the follicle. Our tests showed that women benefit from higher concentrations of certain ingredients like red clover, which is shown to benefit scalp health.

Zenagen Revolve Treatment for Women, Zenagen Revolve Treatment for Men and Zenagen Revolve Conditioner


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