Pro Tips: Embracing Zenagen’s Full Potential


Zenagen Family Photo


In order to access Zenagen’s potential, you must understand the basics of the science behind the technology in our products. In case you didn’t know, our company has 3 lines, Revolve, Evolve, and Boost. Zenagen Revolve is our line that specializes in thickening fine and thinning hair. Zenagen Evolve specializes in growing hair longer and stronger. Lastly, our Boost collection focuses on helping you achieve thicker fuller more voluminous hair with styling products.

A Little Background on Us

Zenagen is an award-winning professional hair care brand that specializes in hair loss and hair growth acceleration. Did you know that you lose approximately 30,000 hairs before you start to notice hair loss? That’s why it is so important to target the root causes of hair loss when dealing with prevention and hair loss solutions.  Here at Zenagen, that is exactly what we’re doing.

Zenagen was created by Jared Reynolds, who while attending medical school, started to notice he was losing his hair. At only 24, he was desperate for a healthy solution. He tried everything, but the only products that were on the market for hair loss had terrible side effects and were not user-friendly. He saw a need for a natural product that would really help those suffering from hair loss. That is when the technology for Zenagen was born. Through Jared’s medical studies, he determined that nutraceutical ingredients were the keys to natural and convenient hair regrowth. Zenagen is a vegan, cruelty-free, color safe and gluten-free professional hair care line that caters to sufferers of fine and thinning hair.

How Revolve Works

Revolve is a 2-step hair loss treatment system with distinct products for men and women. It combats DHT by cleansing it directly from the hair follicle while simultaneously creating an optimal scalp environment for thicker fuller hair to grow. DHT is the number one cause of hair loss for both men and women. It is typically caused by increased testosterone in the body. This is why a lot of men begin shedding after puberty and many women start after menopause. This is a natural occurrence in the body which is very hard to stop, but Zenagen is able to combat DHT uniquely. We use a blend of botanically-based ingredients and a natural delivery system to effectively target hair loss.

This product is perfect for those who suffer from male and female pattern baldness, thyroid related, medicine related, postpartum shedding and post-chemotherapy issues. For optimal results, use the shampoo treatment for 5 minutes on the scalp, 3 times per week.

Pro Tip: Using the Zenagen Boost Spray($32) on days that you don’t wash your hair as a spot treatment on especially balding areas will help your results reach the fullest potential. The spray is not a 3rd step to the Revolve system. Think of it more as a cool best friend that builds you up to be your best.


How Evolve Works

Evolve is the 2-step hair repair and acceleration system perfect for those who want to repair damaged hair and grow their hair faster. It works by healing damaged hair and increasing length, strength and shine with our special formula of amino acids and natural ingredients. The scientific technology of this product truly is fascinating.

Hair goes through 3 stages of growth known as the anagen, catagen and telogen phases. Nutraceutical ingredients increase the turnover rate of the hair follicles allowing for hair to grow 40% faster. The anagen (growth stage) of the hair follicle is lengthened, while the Telogen (shedding stage) is shortened, resulting in more hair growing after for a longer period of time.

Pro Tip: The Zenagen Boost Volume Foam($30) is the best for the lift of your roots you have always wanted!