Office to Happy Hour: Day to Night Looks Using Boost

Balancing your work life and your social life can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. You worked all day long and are exhausted, but you want to grab drinks with your girlfriends, because let’s be honest… FOMO is a real thing. You don’t want to look like you just came from work, but don’t have time to run home. Oh, the dilemma!  The key is to choose an easy to accessorize outfit and hairstyle that can go from day to night effortlessly with just a few little tweaks. Check out our perfect look that can take you from office coffee to downtown cocktails in just a few minutes.

Workin’ 9 – 5

Who doesn’t love the classic sundress and cardigan combo for the office? Not only is it office attire that looks put together in any situation, from lunch meetings to yearly reviews, it’s also practical. When it’s 95 degrees outside and below freezing in the office, that cozy cardigan is a lifesaver. Sometimes the sundress/cardi combo can feel a little overdone, especially if it’s on repeat May – August. To add a some individuality and variety to a class office look, try mixing colors and prints. It’s gives your outfit a personality all your own!

Our model, a graphic designer from Nashville, TN, paired her fit-and-flare vintage polka-dot sundress with another polka-dot cardigan from the Loft. This look works because the size of the polka-dots vary, and the colors are complimentary and muted. We love the pairing of vintage finds with pieces from a traditional business attire store, like Ann Taylor. Funky and cute with a lot of class. Perfect in our book!



The hair for the office is easy. Like, really easy. All you do is a simple, single low braid. Gather up all the hair at the base of your neck and braid. This won’t work for short-haired girls (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for the night look), but it’s perfect for mid-length to long hair. This will give your hair the perfect base for a trendy night look when 5 o’clock comes around. Short-haired ladies – don’t sweat! You just wear your hair anyway you want during the day, although anything with a slight wave will make the transition from day to night a lot easier.

Pro Tip: If you want this look to go from day to night easier, put one pump of the BOOST Volume Foam on towel-dried hair before braiding. It gives your hair moisture and nutrients that it soaks up throughout the day, but it also creates the perfect canvas for your night look.



Hello Happy Hour

Leave that cardigan in the office where is belongs, and throw on an edgy jean jacket to immediately transform your little sundress. Exchange those flats or pumps with combat boots, add a pop of color on the lip, throw on some statement earrings and you’re all set. You’re immediately ready to transition from meetings to sipping half off wine at your favorite downtown spot.



The hair transition from day to night is a little more complicated, but totally worth it. By having your hair in that low braid all day long, when you take it down, you’re going to have the best base for perfect beach waves.

As soon as you take your hair down, section off little pieces of the crown and spritz with the BOOST Thickening Texturizing Powder, working it into the roots with your hands. This gives your hair grit, texture and volume at the crown for the style that’s to come.



Touch up any spots that need a little extra curl and volume with a curling iron. We used a 1″ barrel. Then, gather the top half of your hair up and split the section down the middle.



Now you’re ready for a fishtail braid. Take a small section of the left section of the hair and connect it with the right section. Then, take a small section of the right section and cross it over to connect with the left. Continue until you have the length of braid you want and connect with a clear elastic band. Spray the braid with more of the BOOST powder and pull it a little to make the braid bigger and more texturized. The messier the better.



All finished! This look takes less than 10 minutes, and it’s totally insta-worthy. Now, go enjoy that cocktail! You earned it.


You can buy the BOOST Texturizing Powder here! And click here for more #AllAboutBoost content! xo