New Year. New Hair.

Get ready for robotic moon-based mining, chips implanted in our brains, self-driving cars and a high-speed rail linking from Beijing to London! Thats right, this is not a drill people, we are entering a new decade and that means it’s time to STEP IT UP for that glamorous New Year’s Eve night.  2020 deserves a BANG, so this is your hair guide to make sure you’re sending off the technology-crazed, futuristic decade properly. We’ll give hairstyle inspiration that will last through the night and have you being the envy of the night. It’s a new year, so it’s time for new hair.

We’re all about heading back to he future with this one, so you’ll be needing tons of glitter, plenty of curls, and enormous amounts of volume. Let’s get this thing popping like the bottle of champagne you’re sure to be drinking.

That Top-Knot Bun

This look is a next year kinda style. Easy to do and even easier to maintain through those morning hours.  Don’t limit yourself to just one top-knot make it two for the big 2-oh-2-oh. This look leaves plenty of room for the epic 2020 sunglasses you’ll all be sporting throughout the night, as well! For added texture and hold, spritz hair with Boost Texturizing Powder and tease before securing in the top knot buns.

Futuristic Braids

Big braids, small braids, all braids are welcome this 2020. Try integrating a few stylistic pieces such as pearls, diamonds or streamers so people know you’re ready to shine in the new year. Just like the top knots above, our Boost Texturizing Powder is a braid’s best friend. After you’re finished with the desired amount of braids, lightly spritz them with the Boost powder as the last step. If you want a more textured braid, then pull at the sides of the braid to make it looser and more relaxed.

Space Ball Ponytail

Since we’ll be shopping on the moon anytime now,  let’s celebrate the destination with some spaced-out looks. This look starts by pulling those long locks back into a tight hold and in one inch increments adding a new fasten to create the final style. Lock it down with some hairspray, and your look will give New York’s Ball Drop a run for it’s money.


This look will have your friend’s head spiraling. Whether you want to do kinky, curly or luscious waves, a curl is a classic look that will NEVER go out of style. Liven this look up for the holiday with some glitter! If you want those curls to stay all night, then use 1-2 pumps of the Boost Volume Foam on damp hair before air or heat drying. This acts as a base for hold and volume that is hard to get with a traditional hair spray. It just sets your hair up for long-term success, because let’s face it, New Year’s is a holiday that lasts all night and you need all the help you can get.


This look will have you smooth sailing into the new year! 2019 was THE year for this sleek-wet look and we think it’s here to stay. Maybe switch it up with some fun parts and glittered accents, but this one is a show stopper for sure. Adding an extra dose of our Boost Densifying Leave-In Cream on dry hair lets you easily achieve this look with minimal effort.


2019 was such an incredible year for Zenagen. We accomplished so many of our goals and learned plenty along the way. In addition to making relationships with new salons and distributors, we gained a ton of new fans and friends on social media. We hate to watch the old year fade out, but are overjoyed to welcome 2020 and all the exciting projects we have to unfold. Stick with Zenagen as we launch into the new year and all that there is to offer in 2020. Happy New Year!