Nailed It: Interview Hairstyles


“The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.” – Oprah Winfrey


Deciding how to wear your hair for an interview can be just as stressful as deciding what to put on your resume. For an interview, you have a brief period of time to make that stellar first impression. In that time you’ll be judged on your appearance from hair to clothes to makeup. You’d rather the interview be focused on your words and skills and NOT your hair, so it’s important to keep a simple and professional look. However, you still want to look and feel confident, and your hair has everything to do with that. Let’s get polished and professional! Here are a few hair tips to land you that dream job.




In general, for an interview, it’s a good idea to keep any stray hairs out of your face,  as they can be distracting. You would also like to draw as much attention to the eyes and mouth as possible. Eye contact and interview answers will be the most important part of the process. This is a classic look that is simple and easy to perfect. Honestly, you probably have done this style a thousand times, but add some texture and volume with Boost Styling Products. A simple curl will add some zest to the look, and when you turn to leave they’ll notice how healthy your hair looks. They might just bring you back to find out what you’re using!



Clean Cut

Men, we understand ironing your shirt is what’s first on your list, but we’re here to tell you, please, please do not go with the bare minimum. YOUR HAIR IS IMPORTANT, AS WELL. We suggest the clean-cut and shaven look, as it is the most effective when trying to impress someone in an interview. This look will present you as a well-kept and organized business professional, and that’s the truth, right? This is a confident look you can manage in seconds. Add in some Styling Cream to Boost for extra polish and to tame any pesky flyaways. If you have longer, curlier hair, you’ll want that mane pushed back and out of your face to make you look presentable.


Interview Hairstyles

This style can be hard to pull off, because it requires a very straight flat lay that is difficult to achieve, even with straight hair. With that being said, this is a show stopper look. This is perfect for interviews because not only is it professional and chic, but rather popular as well. The sleek and slicked back ponytail has appeared on numerous runways, beauty shows and red carpets. Outdated hairstyles can make you seem out of touch. Stay current in trends to showcase that you are aware of what’s happening around you. Even in a business environment it can be important to stay on top of what is stylish. For extra shine and polish, use the Boost Densifying Leave-In Cream on damp hair before blow-drying.



French Twist

This look appears difficult, but it’s rather simple to perfect. And this is exactly what you want in the interview. This look will make it seem as though you’ve put a good bit of time in your hair, when in reality, you really just know what you’re doing and can make it easy! This look is all about technique. The real trick is pinning the wrapped hair into place after you’ve done the twist. As long as you pin in sections of roughly half an inch, the twist will look tight and polished. Comb down the stray hair and use a styling gel or cream (noticing a pattern here) to make sure the hair stays in place. It will take you no time, so you’ll have all the extra time to research the ins-and-outs of the company you want to be apart of!



All Natural Bun

A top bun screams confidence.  Leaving no hair in your face to hide behind, this look says I’m ready to take what you can give me! We love to see women (and men) wear their hair the way nature intended, and this look is an appropriate, no stress style, and easy to render. This is perfect for women with long to medium length hair. Feel free to get creative by braiding the hair and wrapping into a bun or teasing and twisting for a more messy (don’t get crazy-this isn’t Met Gala), yet glossy and accomplished look.



Man Bun

For our men with longer hair, we suggest you pull it back for a business professional look. This look is a staple and stylish trend sported by many younger men. It’s an edgy trend, but for an interview make sure its pushed back tight for a sophisticated look. Wearing your hair down might pull the focus down as well, and it can easily come across as lazy and disinterested. Using the right products will make a huge difference with this look. Be sure you’re using a styling product to put down any and all fly aways, or you can watch that job fly away from you!







The way you wear your hair directly relates to the way you feel. These looks are confident and sophisticated and that’s the message you’d like to get out  when sitting across from that new life changing moment.