Most Popular Wedding Hair Trends in 2019

It’s the day we look forward to ever since we’re little girls. You got your ring, now all the planning begins. You can hear the wedding bells as you approach your big day, constantly running around getting everything in order and excitement fills the air. From traditional to modern, you can make it everything you ever dreamed of. While it’s true that over time trends do change, there is always something classic about your wedding day.



Take it from Pheobe, we all know planning can be chaotic, but we have great news for you! This is  your last stop when it comes to finding that perfect wedding hair do. From effortless updos, to the endless array of accessories, you can add your own personal touch to the crowning moment of the most unforgettable day of your life. This is your time to express your true self through you hair. When you look back on pictures 20 years from now, you should still feel the same adoration for your look as you did that day. Keep it classic and true to yourself!

Here are 5 wedding day hairstyles you’ll want on your radar this year.

Effortless Updos

Effortlessly romantic is at the top of our trend list this year. It’s elegant, classy and absolutely stunning every. single. time. Accessories are your friends this season to add a unique touch to any look. You can dress it up or dress it down, and by that we mean, you can add some pearls to make a statement on a classic bun, or you can add some hair flowers for a more delicate boho bridal look.


Dreamy Soft Waves

This is a wedding hairstyle that is simply timeless. A truly classic look that is perfect for winter and fall weddings. It was done by Kate  Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, back when accessorizing any bridal hairstyle with a head piece or bejeweled veil was all the rage. Dreamy waves will never go out of style, because they have been on trend in some form of fashion since the 1920s. Adding a long train to your veil or a head piece to your classic waves is a sure-fire way to make you feel like a princess ready to walk down the aisle to your prince charming.


Classic Buns

The classic bun with a middle part will definitely be a trend to watch for this wedding season.  If you have been living under a rock, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, wore her hair this way for the royal wedding, which took place only a year ago. Wedding trends are always influenced by the royals when they get married, so it’s always something to look out for if you’re getting married anytime near one of the royal family members. 


Fairytale Braids

Braids are all the buzz this year in the bridal game. Full of texture and completely on trend, yet not wild enough to be considered too trendy. From the traditional braids, to boho chic, this style can be perfect for any bride. The perfect way to achieve the fairytale braid is by using the Boost Texturizing Powder. This will help keep your braids in place while you’re dancing the night away.


Romantic Ponytail

A beautiful go-to statement wedding trend. This is a hairstyle that is so simple, yet always stunning. It’s a perfect look for the bride who tends to wear her hair up during her day-to-day life. When searching for the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day, it’s important to pick the style that you’re most comfortable in. You can add a little twist with a boost of volume to the root or just soft and to the side. Your options with this style are truly endless.



Hair Growth for the Big Day

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When it comes down to it, don’t forget it’s all about your own signature look. Be true to who you are and your own personal style. If you tend to wear your hair down, then maybe try a side braid or some classic curls. If you tend to wear your hair in a pony, try the classic Chignon twist. Your wedding day is a day you’ll want to remember forever and look back on pictures fondly.