Labor Day Hairstyles


Labor Day means two things: a day off and the end of summer. Some of the best ways we pay tribute to the working men and women of our country are by doing anything BUT labor. Most people choose to grill out, lounge by the pool or head out of town for the long weekend, and we at Zenagen believe these festivities serve as the perfect time to try out some new hair-dos. We thought we’d give you some simple tips to stand out and send the summer off with a BANG (pun intended).

Rather than hiding under a ball cap or pulling those locks back into a tight bun, try out some of these hairstyles by a few of our favorite Zenagen BABES!

1. Space Buns

No working on Labor Day, so try this look that takes minimal effort. Brush your hair, part it down the middle and create two pigtails. Then twist your hair around and around into messy buns and secure with bobby pins. You can make the bun high on your head or on either side of your nape. Either way, it’s a showstopper easy look!

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2. Soft Curls

This is a favorite hairstyle for all of Hollywood, Instagram and probably any working woman who doesn’t really have the time to tackle a full glamour look. It’s best to start with clean hair so make sure Labor Day isn’t on one of your “off Zenagen days.” After blowdrying, using our Boost Volume Foam as a primer, section hair off starting at your crown and curl away with 1-2 inch sections with a wide barrel curling iron. When you’re done, run your fingers or a comb through those curls and Voila. Perfection.

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3. Braids

Wrap up the summer (and your hair) with some easy braids. Have fun with it! Cross braid, fishtail braid, upside-down braid, whatever you decided just get it back to show off that smile and let everyone know you’re not gonna let summer coming to an end get in the way of your holiday. The Boost Texturizing Powder is a MUST for any braids. It adds grit and hold without the weight.

4. Bandana

The women who built this country knew your hair couldn’t get in the way of your work. Take it from the pros and get that hair out of your face most effectively with a bandana.  This is the perfect way to incorporate some accessories into your hair, without being too flashy for the holiday.  Try out some funky colors to really get some attention.

5. Half- up

Now that you’ve been using Zenagen for a while, your hair is longer, thicker and fuller. Show off that length with a half-up hair-do. Easy, simple and never ever out of style. This look can be jazzed up with a bandana, hair clips or even scrunchies.