Keeping Your Scalp Healthy

Friday marks the first day of summer, and we all welcome this season with open arms. Who doesn’t love pool days, bbq’s and warm weather? If you’ve been following our blog, you know that taking care of yourself is important. We’re getting to the root of nice hair and it all starts at the scalp. Understanding how to take care of your scalp is vital to growing long, luscious beautiful hair. Let’s get nerdy and break down the science behind how to protect and keep your scalp healthy.



Before we can tell you how to keep your scalp healthy we must determine if you are experiencing any problems with your scalp and how to treat them. If you are experiencing hair loss and shedding, it might be due to an increase of DHT in your body (the leading cause of hair loss in men and women). However, if you are experiencing itchy, dry, flakey scalp in addition to your hair loss, you may be experiencing increased inflammation.

Zenagen’s Defense Against DHT

If you are experiencing hair loss or a significant amount of shedding, it is probably due to a hormone called DHT. It’s important to know how DHT affects the body in order to understand how our products help combat hair loss and to keep you and your scalp healthy and protected. Here at Zenagen, it’s our goal to help you stay educated on how to keep your hair healthy, and healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

When testosterone interacts with a 5-Alpha-Reductase enzyme, it creates a new hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, better known as DHT. It’s the number one reason for hair loss in both men and women. DHT builds up onto the hair follicle, causing inflammation, which leads to a major stunt in hair growth. Zenagen’s signature delivery system uses a proprietary blend of nutraceutical ingredients, including green tea, to stimulate the hair follicle to naturally widen and allow our formula to reach the stem cell channel in only 5 minutes. Because they reach the dermis, our products are able to cleanse any DHT build-up that may be covering the hair papilla. This technology lasts for a total of 48 hours, which is why you only have to use our products every other day to see results.


How DHT occursHow DHT blocks the hair follicleZenagen Cleanses DHT

Protecting Your Scalp with Revolve

Revolve is a two-step treatment and conditioner set that is an at home, easy to use system that transforms thin, lifeless hair to voluminous locks and targets hair loss. This product is perfect for anyone who has early to beginning signs of thinning and shedding, or visible hair loss. It helps those who suffer from thyroid related issues, postpartum shedding, medication-related, post-chemotherapy hair loss and other reasons that may not be due to traditional aging and genetics.

This treatment a perfect blend of nutraceutical ingredients that sets our formulas apart from other products on the market. For example, Revolve has a unique ingredient called Saw Palmetto that blocks the current and future production of DHT. While you may find Red Clover in many products on the market, our approach with this ingredient is different. Zenagen has a custom-designed red clover extraction process that is unique. It allows for only the highest-quality, most powerful parts of the plant to be used in our award-winning formulas. Another star ingredient found in the Revolve Treatment is Brahmi, which is responsible for rejuvenating and repairing a dry, itchy or inflamed scalp. It is integral to the regeneration process of healthy skin, therefore promoting an optimal scalp environment for hair growth.


How Should I Protect My Scalp?

  1. You can help protect your scalp by using a shampoo/conditioner that is able to cleanse DHT. Zenagen’s Revolve shampoo/conditioner is #1 for cleansing DHT from the scalp, leaving behind nothing but healthy, hydrated hair.
  2. Educate yourself on products and activities that are not great for your hair and scalp. These may include, over using heated styling tools or over-washing your hair. It can also be caused by drugstore products that have harsh chemicals, sulfates, chlorine, alcohol, salt-water, well water, and UV Rays.
  3. Heat isn’t always about hot tools. Try to only use cold water when you shampoo/conditioner your hair. This will make all the difference in the shine and health of your hair. If the idea of a cold shower isn’t your thing, try finishing with a cold rinse at the end of your shower. It will help to soothe and seal the cuticle.

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