How To Find Zenagen Salons In Your Area

We’re so proud of the Zenagen Brand and how much we’ve grown since our inception in 2008. We went from a company with a dream to help clients get their healthy hair back, to an internationally renowned brand that is distributed and carried in salons around the world. From Hawaii to Russia to New York City and everywhere in between, Zenagen continues to grow and spread our mission to new customers daily. Although you can always purchase directly from us online, we value the relationship with our salons above all. So, how do you find Zenagen salons in your area? We’ve got the best ways to find us here!

Use Our Salon Locator

Did you know that at there is a salon locator on our homepage? We did that specifically so that it would be easy for you to find! Our relationships with salons is important, because it is the trust that you share with your stylist that may give you the incentive to give us a try. Also, everyone loves to support small businesses, and usually salons give killer deals from time to time depending on promotions they like to run. Plus, you don’t have to wait on shipping. You can start your Zenagen regimen immediately once you purchase. No waiting for 3-5 business days.

All you have to do to use our salon locator, is type your zip code in the search bar and it will pull up all the Zenagen carrying salons (who have registered with us) in your area.

Google Us!

What did we ever do before the days of Google? In an instant, you have endless knowledge at your finger tips. Need to know how many ounces in a liter? Google. Who Cardi B is married to? Google. Where I can buy Zenagen in Michigan? Google. Just a quick type in everyone’s favorite search bar, can show you salons in your area to run to for shopping your favorite hair loss and hair repair treatments and styling products. It also may open your eyes to new salons in your area to give a try if you’re on the hunt for a new stylist. They already carry Zenagen, so you know they’re skilled at making decisions.

Follow Us On Our Socials

This method isn’t quite as easy as just using our salon locator, but it’s still effective! We always like to post success stories and salon experiences on our social channels. Whether it be an amazing before and after or a testimonial from a stylist where Zenagen has helped a skeptical client, we love to share stories. We always try to tag the salon and the area where we get our stories, so there is always the chance that a salon in your area may pop up. If not, you’re following a page that shows real life experiences, but also shares tips, tricks, news articles and just fun content all around pertaining to hair care. It’s really win, win!

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Still No Luck? Request Us At Your Current Salon!

If you are having trouble buying Zenagen in your area, you have a few options. We always sell on our website here and if you sign up for our newsletter, you can get good deals periodically throughout the year. Although, one thing we would love for you to do, is request us at your current salon! Let your stylist know your want them to carry Zenagen in their salon! We work with distributors across 46 states, so we are available for most salons to carry. Make your voice heard! Hair loss is the #1 fastest-growing issue in the hair community, so it’s a hot topic for stylists and salon owners. Let them know you want Zenagen. They will definitely take note, because if you want it, chances are someone else does too.

These are our best tips to finding or getting Zenagen in your area, so hopefully you’re grabbing your keys and heading out the door to get some of those beautiful black bottles in your shower tonight. If not, what are you waiting for?