How to BOOST Your Updos

Welcome to the second installment of #AllAboutBOOST August…

… and say goodbye to pricey appointments and hours in a salon chair to get the perfect updo for a special occasion. You can do it yourself if you have the right tools and styling products. Zenagen BOOST to the rescue!

Braided Updo

This style can be done effortlessly, because the key to this is making it look messy. To get this look take a piece of hair towards the front and braid it. Next spritz your roots with the BOOST Texturizing Powder to give volume. Then, pull your remaining hair into a high messy bun. Remember, the messier the better! To make the braid look bigger,  pull on the sides of the braid all the way down.

Key Products: BOOST Texturizing Powder ($32, shop here)

Fun Fact: The Texturizing Powder is made up of 70% water, so no white residue will be seen on darker shades of hair!

Curly Updo

This look would complement a gown for any cocktail event or a romantic date. All you need to do is separate your hair horizontal into two sections. Then take the bottom half and wrap it into a tight bun and secure with an elastic band. Next curl the remaining section into ringlets. After the top is curled, take the curled pieces and then pin them so they hide the existing bun. Make sure that you can’t see the bobby pins and then the look will be completed. This look will have the most hold and volume, if you pre-wash your hair and then run the BOOST Volume Foam through damp hair before drying. It provides the perfect canvas for intricate updos.

Key Products: BOOST Volume Foam ($30, shop here)

Fun Fact: The Volume Foam has a dual-action, wild geranium extract that helps to improve volume and defend hair against damage!


This updo is perfect for that second-day curly look. All you have to do is leave out a piece of hair to wrap around your ponytail holder and throw your hair up in a ponytail like normal. You can do this style as a high or low ponytail, but the great thing about an easy ponytail with a little twist, is that you can make it your own! Leave the ponytail straight for some edge, waved for an effortlessly beachy inspo, or totally curled for a polished finished look. Any way you decide to style the ponytail, it’s important to use the BOOST Densifying Leave-In Cream to make the most out of your look. Put on towel-dried hair before air-drying or blow-drying for a sleek, frizz free finish.

Key Products: BOOST Densifying Leave-In Cream ($30, shop here)

Fun Fact: Coconut oil and baobab seed extract found inside the Densifying Leave-In Cream, condition without weighing hair down!


With this hairstyle, you can wear this formally or casually, and it is simple to do. First, you take your hair and place it in a messy bun leaving a fairly large chunk of hair out (like a tail). Then use the pieces of hair that are left out to pin up into the messy bun. Play around with this! Give it dimension with interesting placements of the hair. To give the bun more volume you can pull some of the hair to widen it out. The Texturizing Powder is once again an MVP to make this look texture and to make it last all night long.

Key Products: BOOST Texturizing Powder ($32, shop here)

Fun Fact: Coat your bobby-pins in a little of the Texturizing Powder to make sure they won’t slip out of place!

Get these easy looks with the BOOST Styling Line and a few minutes of your time. See you next week for more of #AllAboutBOOST August!