Get Longer Hair, Faster with Zenagen Evolve

It’s officially Spring in the United States, but unfortunately, the temperatures are not reflecting the time of year. Many cities across the country are experiencing freezing temperatures, including Nashville, TN, where the Zenagen Headquarters is located.  This has us dreaming… wishing… hoping for warmer weather soon, and what do we think of when we think of Spring and Summer? Long, healthy hair!

It just seems to be that warmer months are when the desire for longer, shinier hair are the most sought after #hairgoals, and we’ve got the natural solution to make those dreams a reality! The Evolve Shampoo Treatment and Conditioner system works wonders for damaged, dull hair, and it helps to grow hair by up to 40% faster. Sound too good to be true? We’re going to break down how it works and the power behind our high-quality, plant-based ingredients that make this product seem like magic.

But first, we have to share a recent success story that is the perfect example with what is achievable with using the Evolve system regularly. Recently, we got a submission from a happy customer and we had to share. She had only been using Evolve for 8 weeks! Her hair had grown by 4 inches! For some context, hair typically grows a half an inch every month. The results were incredible!So what makes this stuff work?! The short answer… it works to improve the hair from the inside out. Evolve includes the benefits of amino acids to protect the hair from the outside of the cuticle.  The system boasts Alanine as a main ingredient to maintain vital moisture levels in the hair, and Histidine, to seal the hair cuticle for protection against harmful environmental factors, including humidity and pollution. Evolve also has powerful PCAs that protect both color-treated and natural hair against color fading, which can be very prevalent during the Spring and Summer, due to the increased exposure to the Sun.

The plant-based, natural ingredients found in Evolve benefit the hair from the inside of the hair follicle and cuticle. Ginger root extract stimulates and primes the scalp for faster deliver of the powerful nutraceutical ingredients to the hair follicle, which restore and repair damaged hair.  Grape seed extract works to soothe and protect the scalp against inflammation and helps to moisturize and protect the hair, giving it outlasting shine. While all of these ingredients and amino acids work together to restore and boast noticeably healthy hair, the Alpine Willowherb is the star of the show.

Harvested from the European mountainside, this natural, botanical ingredient is the force behind the hair growth acceleration power of Evolve. Once the Alpine Wilowherb reaches the hair follicle, it stimulates and lengthens the Anagen stage of hair growth and decreases the Catagen and Telogen phases. Without getting too scientific, it increases the stage in which hair experiences the most growth, and shortens the turn over stages in which hair stops growing and sheds. This change allows for new hair to begin growing at a faster and longer pace.

The Evolve system is also super easy to use. Just use it in place of your standard shampoo and conditioner 2-3 times a week. Leave the treatment on for five minutes while in the shower. That timing is crucial. You need to keep the treatment on the scalp for the allotted time, because that allows the delivery of the ingredients to reach the hair follicle.

That’s all it takes!  It’s an easy to use, two-step system, that if used properly and diligently, can give you longer, healthier hair faster. Still not sold? See testimonials here!

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Now, let’s all send collective positive vibes for warmer, Spring weather to arrive ASAP. Happy Thursday!