Flawless for Fall: Hairstyles for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving requires a lot of preparation. Stuffing a turkey can be hard work, but have you ever tried perfecting the “Tousled Updo”? There’s going to be way too much on your plate this holiday for you to find the perfect hairstyle, and Chrissy Teigan may have shared some spectacular recipes with everyone over the years, but we’re much more interested in her flawless fall hairstyles. So, if Chrissy won’t reveal it then we will!  We’ve compiled some of our favorite hairstyles that are easy for you to try at home for this year’s holiday. Here’s what we would call the perfect recipe for the flawless updos for yout to try this Thanksgiving.


1 head of thick and healthy hair (brought to you by Zenagen)

A handful of small bands

A pinch of bob pins for fastening

1 Curling Iron

1 Boost Texturizing Powder


Be sure that the hair is prepped for styling by using your Zenagen Treatment BEFORE you begin styling. Let sit for 5 minutes before rinsing. Dry hair until you have the perfect texture for pinning up. Follow each step (pictures below) carefully and feel free to put your own creative spin on it!


These looks don’t just have to be worn on Thanksgiving! They’d be perfect for any fall/winter look you’d like to try. However, an updo is certainly the way to go for this famous Thursday, as you wouldn’t want the hair to get in the way of the meal.



This look comes from My Beauty Note, a “best idea for better living” blog, that featured some new hairstyles. We are in love with this simple and gorgeous hair and think you can easily pull it together faster than you’ll be pulling cornbread out of the oven!



You’ve probably seen this hairstyle on just about any celebrity at a red carpet, but did you have any idea how easy it is to perfect?!?! This look can also be called a low rolled updo because you’re basically just wrapping the hair around the separated ponytail. Kind of reminds us of crescent rolls, but we’re just hungry!


This simple and easy to recreate look comes from Teresa Milkovich, a mom blogger, who is dominating Pinterest right now! This one is for our short-haired ladies who just need a simple pullback to get their cooking job done.



This look comes from Sahifa where they’ve come up with over 70 braid looks for protective simple styles. We highly recommend checking their looks out, but this side braid bun matches the holidays easily. Dazzle your family by adding in some fall bling!


Ponytails are stylish, effortless and playful all at the same time. Also, who isn’t comfortable with their hair pulled back in a ponytail? This look will have you feeling fresh without all the tough work that comes with an updo. We recommend using Boost Texturizing Powder to help with the volume in this look!


Serving you some of the best Thanksgiving looks for this year. Let us know what you think! Send us some of your go-to updo hairstyles and your favorite Thanksgiving dish.