Easy Summer Hair Care

Ahh tan lines and pool days, nothing says summer like a little R&R, laying and relaxing in the sweet summer heat. Memorial Day weekend is just a few days away, and it’s our goal to be as proactive about protecting our hair as we are about protecting our skin. Those UV rays and chlorine water are no friends to our luscious locks. So, how can we protect our hair in the summertime against the many environmental factors? Keep on reading!

Swim Swim Swim

Did you know chlorine found in swimming pools and salt found in the ocean completely dries out hair and damages the cuticle? Using a leave-in conditioner is very important before you hit the pool or beach. It’s also smart to rinse your hair with fresh, cool water after you get out. Allowing your hair to dry naturally still coated with chlorine and salt water can cause it to be frizzy, dry and thirsty.


Drink More Water

Speaking of thirst… Did you know that there is a direct correlation between your physical health and the health of your hair? If you are always feeling dehydrated, chances are the ends of your hair are also going to be dehydrated. They don’t tell you to drink 8oz a day for nothing, and it’s even more important to do so when you are out in the summer heat.


Replenish Moisture

It’s always a great idea to use a serum to help lock in moisture to your hair before catching some rays. Be sure to always reapply throughout the day, just like you would with sunblock. It will help protect your hair against damage and frizz.


Sunblock For Your Scalp

It’s important to use sunblock on your scalp in the summer to protect it from becoming burnt and inflamed which can cause hair loss. Many people don’t think about putting sunblock on their scalp because they think that their hair covers it enough, but that isn’t the case. If you have thin hair, it’s even more important to protect your skin from the direct sun rays that occur on the top of your head.

At the very least, be sure to use a scalp soothing conditioner to help tame any inflammation that may have occurred because of too much sunlight. Zenagen Revolve and Evolve conditioners infused with aloe leaf juice and other natural antioxidants were designed for use directly on the scalp, unlike traditional conditioners that are used only to treat the ends of the hair.


Cover Up

Hats. You may want to keep these on your radar this summer. There’s nothing more classy than wearing a big floppy hat while lounging out by the pool, and it serves a purpose other than just serving looks. Hats offer full coverage defense when it comes to protecting your scalp and hair against sun damage. Plus, they are on trend these days with styles and shapes that fit every personality, so it’s easy to incorporate them into any outfit. This may not always be a feasible option always, but if you love hats just as much as we do, it really is a great idea!


Wash Smarter

Using a shampoo/conditioner such as Evolve will help protect your hair against sun damage. Our Evolve treatment and conditioner has nutraceutical technology that protects against UVA + UVB. This is even more important in the summer because the earth is closer to the sun making it more prone to damage.  Using a shampoo and conditioner treatment system that protects against these summer rays will give your hair that extra level of protection.