Debunking Hair Myths

Zenagen has been to plenty of salons to understand the smoke and mirrors behind some hair myths. You’ve heard them all, and no hard feelings, but mother doesn’t ALWAYS know best. What you might have heard growing up and through the years, might not be true. Zenagen is here to solve the mystery behind some old hair “truths” and you might be surprised by one or two of them!

“Trimming or cutting your hair makes it grow faster!”

False. Although scheduling a haircut regularly will ensure minimal split ends, it has no effect on the actual rate at which your hair grows. However, a light trim will improve texture and elasticity by preventing split. This helps healthy hair grow for longer periods of time, thus creating the illusion of longer hair faster. So, don’t cancel those appointments. You’d have to be using the right shampoo to make your hair grow physically faster, and we just so happen to know of one with incredible results! 😉

Hair Trim

“The more shampoo suds, the better.”

Not only is this not true, but it’s actually the opposite of the truth. Those fun bubbles you get from your shampoo are from harsh detergents in sulfate-based shampoo products. This will strip your hair of natural oils and nutrients, so stay away! We’ve trained ourselves to believe suds mean cleansing, but don’t compare bathroom cleaning techniques to your hair treatments, please. Find a cleansing shampoo that is sulfate-free or SLS-free in order to preserve your gorgeous healthy locks.

“Your shampoo will get used to your hair and stop working after a while”

C’mon, don’t give your shampoo this kind of artificial intelligence credit! We can’t necessarily say this isn’t true, but there is very little evidence to support it. However, there is evidence that switching shampoos too often can have negative effects on the scalp. It could cause a pH imbalance and lead to things like dry scalp and breakage. It’s best to stick with a cleansing set that is plant-based and uses aloe to provide users with a healthy scalp. Hint Hint: It’s this stuff.

“If you pluck one grey hair, two will grow back in its place!”

That’s just not how hair works. We understand the reluctancy to embrace graying hair, but we think it’s one of the most powerful hair colors out there! I mean have you seen the amount of 20-somethings actually dying their hair gray? It’s a trend that is not going out of style anytime soon. But, if you’re still not on the band wagon just yet, put down those tweezers. Plucking hair will put stress on the hair follicle and cause it to grow back with a coarser texture and weird growth patterns. Just stick with making a color appointment with your favorite stylist if you’re worried about those grays.

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“The more you brush your hair, the healthier it will be!”

How many people have heard one of the ridiculous hair myths that says “100 strokes a day is how I keep my hair so long and shiny……” Seriously, call them out next time! In fact, brushing your hair too often can cause breakage and damage to the hair cuticles. Brush your hair when it’s tangled until it’s not. Better yet, brush with a wide tooth comb or wet brush fresh out of the shower (preferably after a conditioning treatment) for optimal hair health. It’s a pretty simple concept. Don’t over do it.

These are just a few hair myths that we wanted to break down, but there are plenty out there for you to bust! Now, we want to go over some myths you might have heard about Zenagen.


“Zenagen is the cure to hair loss”

Unfortunately, there is no cure for hair loss. Zenagen Revolve is simply a treatment. It’s a two-step system that will work to enhance the scalp environment optimizing hair growth. Zenagen’s green-tea delivery system penetrates the dermal layer of the scalp to cleanse and protect the hair follicle against DHT, a hormone that accounts for most cases of hair loss in both men and women. However, if the hair follicle is already dead, Zenagen will not revive them. In fact, nothing will. Our creator, Jared Reynolds, is working closely with other medical and beauty professionals to continue the search for improvements in the hair loss category, but for now, treatment is your best bet.

“If you leave Zenagen on longer than 5 minutes, it will work better.”

Zenagen works on a 5-minute green tea delivery system. The 5 minutes will allow the treatment to not only nourish the scalp, but penetrate deeper into the scalp’s dermal layers. However, 5 minutes is truly all it takes. We’re not telling you NOT to leave the treatment on longer, we’re just admitting that it will have little to no effect on the treatment’s process. It is, however, important for you to let it sit for the recommended 5 minutes and no less. A shower timer will help you track that time, and we just so happen to have a Zenagen 5-minute timer for our customers (available in salons)!

“You should use Zenagen every day to see better results.”

After testing our products on real focus groups, Zenagen learned that a non-daily use of three times a week is all it takes to get results. Those using the product every day saw the same results as those using every other. Zenagen works on a 72-hour cycle, meaning the treatment will work to protect and cleanse the hair of DHT for a maximum of 3 days. Typically 48 hours is the best time to reapply, so that’s why we say every other day is best. Our 6oz treatment is designed to last 90 days if used appropriately, so we’re saving you product with non-daily use!

“If you stop using Zenagen, your hair will fall out!”

Unlike other hair loss treatments, Zenagen will not make your hair fall out if you choose to stop using the product. However, your hair will slowly regress back to its original state over time. This timing varies person to person, but it’s typically however long you’ve been using the product. For example, if you use it for a year and stop, it will take about a year for your hair to return to the previous state of hair loss.

Zenagen Treatment

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